Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Day in the 'Hood

What a busy day we had today! We had our annual neighborhood fall festival (a first for us) and it was really a treat! David had to work, so Uncle Thomas came to the rescue. He helped me with the kids so that we could go and have a good time.

It was about a block and a half away, so we decided to walk.

We had dinner and candy galore!

See the turnout. It was really neat. The closest I've ever been to a block party was when the boys and I put on our PJ's and played legos. This was a true block party!

They had a costume contest, hay rides, trick-or-treating around the block, and a bonfire with smores.

My favorite part was when the County showed up with their robotic McGruff dog. It was so funny! The officer had on a headset so that whatever he said into the mic, it came out of McGruff's mouth. Bryan SO bought into it! :) He was feeding him, giving him hi-five and holding a long conversation. It really was a hoot!

Lydia on the other hand...she was a little more apprehensive about the whole 'talking dog' thing. She resorted to reprimanding the dog before finally bursting into tears of fear.

So that was our day in a nutshell. Thanks Uncle Thomas for joining us today! We had a GREAT time! :)


Fellow doer of fun stuff with our kids! said...

I LOVE it! So I guess when you move into a ritzy neighborhood, you get to do stuff that, huh? The kids look like they had a blast. Way to get out there Momma!

Shonna Springer said...

Looks like you all had a great time. It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Mom said...

Looks like a great opportunity to meet neighbors and have fun. I'm so glad Uncle Thomas was able to come.

The Stewarts said...

The best part of the whole blog.....the DORA shirt!!! Awesome mom!!!lol

Becky Lollar said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I wish our neighborhood did something like that! :)

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

What fun! It looks like you made the right choice about wear to move! And "the hood"...ha ha! :)

Eva Nichole said...

That looks like so much fun!! I wish we had something like that here.
Crystal and Eva