Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Double Date

It has been a long time since I have gone on a double date with my friend, Jamie, but today we made up for lost time. We had our first double date in years with these two handsome men:
Their destination of choice? The "x" Elementary School cafe. Okay so that's fancy code for the school lunchroom, but I tell ya, it was a date worth gettin up an extra 30 minutes early for! These handsome gentlemen treated us to muffins and orange juice (or milk--they splurged and gave up the option between the two.) Despite the monsoon, the long walk in the rain, the fact that Dylan forgot his backpack at home making me even later to work, and me forgetting my cell phone (but remembering my camera) it was a very nice morning. And God gave me a big smile when, on my (belated) way to work, he made this for me to look at:
Do you see it? Really, do you? (Look in the box) I was probably the only person that got excited about this fraction of a rainbow. :)
Anyhow, here are the pictures of me & Jamie and our dates.


Mom said...

I'm so glad you were able to go & meet with friends. Did it bring back memories? By the way, the muffins look much better than the glazed donuts we got on Grandparents Day.

The Stewarts said...

So was the date like dutch or did he pay?:-)

How sweet that must have been. Didi he pull out your seat for you?

I hope I am cool enough to go to my kids' breakfast time and they not run and hide said...

That's wonderful that y'all got to get together like that. That little bit of extra time with mommy was so special to him I'm sure. That smile on his face is totally worth it, see he does still need his mommy! It is so you to see the little tiny rainbow in a yucky day, if we could only apply that to every other situation in our lives!

Jean Stockdale said...

Thank you again for taking the time to encourage me in the Lord. I am so grateful the Lord allowed our paths to cross, albeit through the media of DVDs. I am so glad the Lord is using the study of Proverbs in you life as you parent your little flock. Check on my webiste at www.jeanstockdale.com or my blog at www.jeanstockdale.typepad.com or on facebook and keep me updated with your story. I love to hear from Moms. Keep pressing on! jean