Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall's Here & Love is in the Air!

They are 2 totally seperate headlines, I just thought it would be cute to put them together. Anyhow, if you didn't know already, I have abandoned blogger ship and have taken a new interest in facebook. I still don't quite know why it is so addictive, but something about it keeps drawing me in. And as I was roaming through pages and pages of other people's pictures, I ran across the cutest fall pictures on my friend Shanda's facebook page. So, after she gave up the cool (and ever-so-close) location, I quickly gathered up the kiddos for a great (and free) photo op. The results are as follows:

Four little Godseys:
The boys:
The girls:
Ma and Pa Godsey (photo courtesy of Dylan):
And the 'love is in the air' part--oh, this is fun! Today, Dylan brought home a note from school, written on a napkin. The note was from a little girl at school who gave him her number and told him to call her anytime. Apparently she is a little older than him but sees him in the cafeteria during lunch time. (Ain't that cute!) And, of course, you know me--I took a picture (pardon the hand--I had to cover the phone # with something). And, yes, we put it on the fridge. But only because when we told Dylan we were going to throw it away, he TOTALLY objected and said that he HAD to keep it!


Anonymous said...

Those are some great pictures. I am really impressed with Dylan's camera skills, he obviously takes after his mother. Keep the love note of Dylan's. My mom still has the first love note I recieved when I was in first grade from Bobby. He'll love that you kept it once he is grown, the little heartbreaker.

Thanks for the shout out! -Shanda said...

Facebook is addicting, you just can't get enough. The pictures turned out great! That background is beautiful, made perfectly for the Godsey family. Dylan did a fantastic job of taking the picture of Ma and Pa, it's great! Dylan is already getting love notes, I just can't believe that. I wonder if that little girl went home and told her parents that she gave a boy a love note, you may have a daddy knocking on your door wanting to talk to Dylan. :)

The Stewarts said...

SWEET!!! Your son is only 6 and is already pulling the "ladies" numbers:-) That is just great!!!

BTY-love the picture of you and David, really cute.

Eva Nichole said...

Very cute pictures!! WOW love letters already??! LOL!
Crystal and Eva