Saturday, November 29, 2008

Walking in Memphis

That would be E, and today she took three, THREE, steps all by herself before slowly lowering herself back into a sitting position. Looks like we might have all 4 walking by Christmas! (Although, in my mind it seems wrong that baby will be walking on her first Christmas...sniffle...not such a baby after all.) One more thing...did I mention that Elysa took three steps today...all by herself?!

I got 2 reasons:

why you should never try to break into this house.
One. Two. And they're both armed with fully operational plastic golf clubs. The face of superheroes is afraid--be very afraid!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Crazy Boys

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

...and all I got was this lousy blog entry

For the first time in my life, I had pictures made and left the store empty handed. With nothing. Not even 1 single solitary picture. It was awful. I have been looking forward to this picture session for a week now and left the store in tears. What happened you ask. Well, it was just a combination of many things, but ultimately Satan was out to get me today and as I reflect on a well-known Memphis-area speaker and what she might say I realize..."Satan robbed me of my joy!" Here is the only picture that turned out decent:

While I think this picture is okay, I have some problems with it. For one, it is on a white background. I specifically made it clear to the photoghrapher that I did not want a family portrait on a white background. She reassured me that she wanted to do one pose on the white background and after that we could choose whichever background we wanted. Thing is very hard to keep the attention of 4 small children long enough to get many good shots after the first few. This was our first shot. None of the rest of them even came close enough to be considered for the 20x24 print I was wanting for our home. So after we decided to suck it up and take the shot with the white background, we were told that in order to have the pic mounted on canvas like we wanted, they would have to crop off Elysa's feet (something I could get over) and part of David's head. What?!

So here I type, five hours after the drama of getting the fam ready for pictures, empty handed and with nothing to show for the day except this blog entry...{sigh}... I need a nap! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tonight, during dinner...

...this little munchkin stole the top bun of my hamburger while I was helping her sister...
...and thought it was funny!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


The's what they're up to these days:

Wrestling. All. the. time. And I don't know what their thing is about not wearing shirts but they simply refuse. The minute they get home the shirts come off. {?} Anyhow, tonight I was able to get a couple pictures of them rough-housing. The pics really look fun and posed, but believe me they are beating the mess out of each other and loving every minute of it. Shirt-less I might add! Boys...sigh...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Go Ahead--Mistake my Kindness for Weakness!

When I was younger I admit I was probably guilty a time or two of using the "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness" phrase. In fact, I am probably guilty of using the phrase a time or two (or dozens of times at work). However, now that I am a mother, I, at times, find myself eating those words. OFTEN. Like tonight. Dylan's school hosted an art fair tonight in order to raise money for the school's PTA. The art on display was created by the little picassos themselves. And believe me, the price you paid for the drawing was nothing short of what you might expect to pay for a designer picasso piece itself.

But they get you...oh, they get you. You walk in and they start with the classy music they have playing in the background of the art exhibit that is being held in the room formerly known as the cafeteria. Then, they have ushers who walk you to the section where your child's picture is framed and MATTED. Then once you find their picture, they oooh and goo over how wonderful your child's picture is all the while you baby is standing right beside you beaming with pride over his wonderfully created masterpiece. Then he looks at you and says it. "Mommy, are you going to get it?" Man, they're good. Quicker than any other fundraiser I have ever been subjected to, I forked over the cash. And I am now the owner of the greatest piece of art that was on display tonight at the art fair.
I have found my true weakness...or weaknesses rather. (There are 4 of them and oddly enough they all kinda look like me.)

Anyhow, because I now own the greatest piece of art ever created, I will give you a sneak peek:

Monday, November 17, 2008

Easily Entertained


And it continues...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Self-Soothing Princess

Our sweet Elysa does the cutest thing. She self-soothes herself whenever she is really upset. How does she do this? Well, do you remember this picture from Halloween:
Well, that was E soothing herself by holding the napkin really close to her face and sucking her TONGUE. (?) She does that now with just about anything: t-shirts, blankets, socks, diapers. Clean diapers--just to clarify. This weekend I found her in the kitchen with a diaper and was able to capture the moment with these photos:
She was so happy, so I let her be. But after not hearing from her for about twenty minutes, I decided I had better check on her and found that she had soothed herself TO SLEEP with the diaper!

Wierd, I know...but she's just so stinkin' cute doing what she does! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Wishbook

Ahhhh...the Wishbook. You know Christmas is a comin' when you start seeing the Wishbook out. Tonight we spent a little family time checkin' out the book and letting the kids pick out a few items to add to their 'wish list'. Did you know that there are only 6 more Sundays until Christmas?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bryan's First Trophy

Tonight we had Bryan's end of the season soccer party. We went to Chuck E Cheese and, of course, everyone had a great time. I didn't take many pictures because I have TONS of pics of the kids at Chuck E Cheese, but I did get a few pictures of Bryan and his team.
They were all so cute gathered around the coach waiting on their trophies.
As they got their trophies, each teammate got to tell what their favorite part of the season was. Bryan's favorite part of the season was 'playing the water game' {at Chuck E Cheese}.
The team showing off their trophies.
Bryan and Coach Holloway
Bryan was so excited when it was time to leave that he could hardly contain his excitement! (He has a hard time with goodbyes.) :)

Lesson # 1,364 on Parenting

  • No matter how hard you try, 6-year-olds will never truly understand politics. Don't even try explaining it to them.
Last night after Dylan told us over dinner that he had voted for Obama during his class mock election, David tried to explain to Dylan why mommy and daddy were not voting for Obama. David, trying his best to explain politics to a 6-year-old, explained it kinda like this:

"Well, Dylan, one reason we don't want Obama to win is because just like you wouldn't want anyone to take your toys, we don't want anyone to take our money."

Kinda over-simply stated and not extremely accurate, 'but hey', we thought, 'he is only six.'

This morning when he woke up, Dylan asked David who won the election and David told Dylan that Obama had won. A few minutes later David looked over to see Dylan with tears streaming down his face. When David asked him what was wrong he simply stated. "I don't want him to take my toys away."

Feeling bad that he scared him like this, David explained to Dylan that Obama had told the country that he was going to be a good president which seemed to help a little.

But then, when we thought things were resolved Dylan asked David one last question:
"Daddy, what if he finds out the we still have some toys?"

So, tonight while we bury our wealth in the backyard so that is isn't taken from us, Dylan will be right beside us...burying his favorite toys! Gotta love the innocence...

On a serious note:
  • We have no wealth.
  • Dylan won't be burying his toys.
  • Our children, when they are old enough, will be free to vote for whomever they choose. We will not be those parents that scare our children, or brainwash them into thinking a certain way.
  • While we did not vote for Obama, we as a family will be praying for him while he prepares to be and becomes our next president.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Coverage from the GodseySix

Mommy: Did you know that today is election day?
Bryan: Yes.
Mommy: Do you know what that means?
Bryan: No.
Mommy: What do you think happens on election day?
Bryan: I don't know.
Mommy: Who is our president right now?
Bryan: I don't know. (Turns on the gameboy and walks away playing.)

Mommy: Lydia, did you know that today is election day?
Lydia: Yeah. (chants: election day! election day! election day!)
Mommy: If you could vote, who would you vote for?
Lydia: Ummmmmmm, Dora.
Mommy: Why would Dora make a good president?
Lydia: Aaaayyyyyy, a president...
Mommy: Will you be sad if Dora loses?
Lydia: Yes...(thinks a bit)...and mad.

Mommy: Dylan, did you know that today is election day?
Dylan: um-hum. What's election day? Is election day voting day?
Mommy: Yes it is. Did you vote today at school?
Dylan: Yes.
Mommy: Who were the people that you could have voted for?
Dylan: John McCain and Obama.
Mommy: And which one did you vote for?
Dylan: Ummmmm, I did it for Obama.
Mommy: Why did you vote for Obama?
Dylan: I don't know.
Mommy: Did everyone else vote for Obama?
Dylan: No. There were 18 people and, um, 3 people that voted for Obama...

Mommy: Elysa, did you know that today is election day and that Barak Obama will probably win?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun with Cookies

This past Wednesday, Dylan and Bryan went next door to decorate Halloween cookies with their friend, D. His grandparents live next door, and he visits overnight once a week and the boys just love having someone their age to play with! So, anyhow, they went over for about an hour or so and made TONS of cookies with D and his grandma, and she was nice enough to take pics and email them over to us!

Dylan's plate:

Bryan's plate (she said she had a hard time getting Bryan to decorate his cookies because he was too busy eating the cookies and the decorations...guess I should have warned her about Bryan. lol!):

Hair Club for Me

What's wrong with me? I can't get enough. I'm fixin' Lydia's hair like I have some sort of fashion sense. I do it ALL THE TIME. When we are going somewhere, when we aren't, before bed, in the bathtub. And I don't even fix my own hair! But it's so fun. YES! I know! There really is something wrong with me! (Poor Lydia...sigh). Anyhow, here is what I am talking about:
After a lesson from Becky, I tried this:

Then she gave us some oh-so-cute bows and we did this:

Then I tried the single ponytail:

And then things really got out of hand and I CUT HER BANGS!

And now she's sporting the half-up, half-not-up do. (See, I don't even know what this stuff is called.):

So, that's my newest, and perhaps oddest, addiction lately. Plus, it gives me a reason to post like 5 pics of Lydia in a row! :)

It's SO easy

I think the phrase goes..."like taking candy from a baby."

Well, this Halloween, Elysa wasn't much into candy, but she did develop a fondness for a certain napkin. (?)
And if pictures are truly worth a thousand words...nothing easy should ever be compared to taking candy (or napkins) from a baby!