Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bryan's First Trophy

Tonight we had Bryan's end of the season soccer party. We went to Chuck E Cheese and, of course, everyone had a great time. I didn't take many pictures because I have TONS of pics of the kids at Chuck E Cheese, but I did get a few pictures of Bryan and his team.
They were all so cute gathered around the coach waiting on their trophies.
As they got their trophies, each teammate got to tell what their favorite part of the season was. Bryan's favorite part of the season was 'playing the water game' {at Chuck E Cheese}.
The team showing off their trophies.
Bryan and Coach Holloway
Bryan was so excited when it was time to leave that he could hardly contain his excitement! (He has a hard time with goodbyes.) :)


Brady Blog said...

Way to go, Bryan! Congrats on a great season! You look great holding your trophy!

Grandmommy said...

Soon you will have to get a trophy case for all the little Godseys. Oh no, I see another "Craigslist" purchase coming. Way to go, Bryan!

Eva Nichole said...

Great job Bryan!!!
Crystal and Eva

The Stewarts said...

Congrats little man!!!! I thought that his favorite part of playing on the team was the cheerios snack break:-0

Anonymous said...

Great job Bryan, your first trophy, that's something to be really proud of.


Kaylie and Elon's Mommy said...

Way to go Bryan! Trophies are so cool! I see a lot more coming!