Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun with Cookies

This past Wednesday, Dylan and Bryan went next door to decorate Halloween cookies with their friend, D. His grandparents live next door, and he visits overnight once a week and the boys just love having someone their age to play with! So, anyhow, they went over for about an hour or so and made TONS of cookies with D and his grandma, and she was nice enough to take pics and email them over to us!

Dylan's plate:

Bryan's plate (she said she had a hard time getting Bryan to decorate his cookies because he was too busy eating the cookies and the decorations...guess I should have warned her about Bryan. lol!):


Let someone else clean up the mess for once! said...

I love the pictures! How fun to have a Grandmother to decorate cookies with, even if they are someone else's grandmother (plus you don't have to clean up!)! They are lucky to have a friend that close to them that visits every week. Good for them and for you.

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures, looks like everyone had a great Halloween(you must have celebrated all week long). I lost out on all your blogs when you moved so I'm having a wonderful time playing catch-up.


Grandmommy said...

This Grandmommy better get on the ball. I glad you have such wonderful neighbors. Looks like everyone had fun.

Eva Nichole said...

Very cute and looks so yummy to bad I am going on a diet..LOL!
Crystal and Eva