Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lesson # 1,364 on Parenting

  • No matter how hard you try, 6-year-olds will never truly understand politics. Don't even try explaining it to them.
Last night after Dylan told us over dinner that he had voted for Obama during his class mock election, David tried to explain to Dylan why mommy and daddy were not voting for Obama. David, trying his best to explain politics to a 6-year-old, explained it kinda like this:

"Well, Dylan, one reason we don't want Obama to win is because just like you wouldn't want anyone to take your toys, we don't want anyone to take our money."

Kinda over-simply stated and not extremely accurate, 'but hey', we thought, 'he is only six.'

This morning when he woke up, Dylan asked David who won the election and David told Dylan that Obama had won. A few minutes later David looked over to see Dylan with tears streaming down his face. When David asked him what was wrong he simply stated. "I don't want him to take my toys away."

Feeling bad that he scared him like this, David explained to Dylan that Obama had told the country that he was going to be a good president which seemed to help a little.

But then, when we thought things were resolved Dylan asked David one last question:
"Daddy, what if he finds out the we still have some toys?"

So, tonight while we bury our wealth in the backyard so that is isn't taken from us, Dylan will be right beside us...burying his favorite toys! Gotta love the innocence...

On a serious note:
  • We have no wealth.
  • Dylan won't be burying his toys.
  • Our children, when they are old enough, will be free to vote for whomever they choose. We will not be those parents that scare our children, or brainwash them into thinking a certain way.
  • While we did not vote for Obama, we as a family will be praying for him while he prepares to be and becomes our next president.


ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

You sum up almost everything I posted about today. Great minds, huh? That is too, too funny about how their minds work, isn't it?

Mom said...

That's one way to build up your back yard. Who needs dirt?

Eva Nichole said...

That is just to cute!! Just so you know I am on the same page as you even if the state of Illinois is against me including my in laws but I have my right to vote and I can vote for who ever I wanted and who ever I think will do better for me and my family.
Crystal and Eva

Shonna Springer said...

Hannah said the same thing...she said that Obama is the "nice" one.

Shanda said...

He is too smart for his own good.

Stephanie said...

lol - Ava's preschool had a mock election. She totally chose Obama...!! Traitor. :-)