Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For Everything Else...there's Mastercard.

A nice, new house in a quiet, gated community: $2hundred-and-something thousand.
Pretty pink fingernail polish to fancy up that sweet 2-year-old baby girl: $4.
Steam cleaner to (hopefully) extract the red fingernail polish spilled onto the brand new plush carpet in the new home: $99/day.
Seeing what the culprit was up to when said nail-polish was spilled: Priceless!


Becky Lollar said...

Oh no!!!! I hope you can get it out!

grandmommy said...

I hope you bought nail polish remover for those pretty nails. Lydia is definitely a "hot mess".

Add carpet cleaner to my resume' said...

Awesome! I hope it come out for you. That's great though, Bryan just wanted to get in touch with his femine side. How can you REALLY get mad at him?

Anonymous said...

It is so great you are keeping a record of all the happenings of the GodseySix. One of these days you will look back and say I can't believe it. How did I live through it?

picture taker said...

Nice picture of the house by the way....wonder who took that?

Eva Nichole said...

So did you get it out?
That is priceless.
Crystal and Eva

The Stewarts said...

Man, I didn't think I was gone for that long. I had a ton to read to "catch up" on the Godsey front:-)

Sorry about the carpet. But that color looks great on Bryan!!

Stephanie said...

hahahahaha! That is classic!!! Lindsay - it IS illegal to harm children for doing silly things. :-)