Friday, December 12, 2008

We did it & I'm pooped!

I think I've seen about 5 blogs this week that mentioned making Christmas cookies with their little ones, so tonight, on the drive home, I decided to give it a go with my kiddos.

It was, eh, stressful, to say the least.

Let's see...Dylan was pushing Bryan and Lydia while I was baking the cookies, Lydia was whining and growling back at Dylan, Bryan was eating the decorations before we could even get started, I was breaking up the arguments while the cookies were burning, midway through the cookie decorating Lydia needed an emergency bath as she was decorating herself, Bryan was eating the cookies quicker than I could pump them out of the oven, all the sprinkles were dumped into a minature mountain on top of the first cookie that Lydia decorated causing Dylan to whine about not having any green sprinkles, the phone was ringing, the bath water was running, the oven was beeping, the cookies were burning, Elysa was crying, Bryan was decorating his napkin with the icing, Lydia was trying to get back into the icing after getting out of her bath, and I'm exhausted.
But aside from all that, the kids had a good time, I had fun watching them, and the pictures are adorable!


I hope I can be as cool as you! said...

I bet the kids did have lots of fun! I'm sure it was difficult, aren't all crafty things with kids messy? They will remember how cool Mommy is though!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! All of your sweeties will remember these times that their great mom let them try many things that were fun yet hard work for you.


grandmommy said...

I just want to know what happened to the snowman & Christmas tree on the napkin. They do not look nearly as colorful as the collection at the end. Just kidding. Even though you're pooped, I know you enjoyed it all.

Eva Nichole said...

Well at least you tried and you are still here to tell about it...LOL!
Crystal and Eva

Eva Nichole said...

We had sprinkles we just did not have icing I forgot to buy it but our sugar cookies have sprinkles we decorated before we baked them, The gingerbread had no decorations.
Crystal and Eva

JennyLu said...

great blog! Here is how I do it... Place one LARGE (and like clearance material) vynal tablecloth on the floor. Put kids in unmentionabales (diapers panties) give them paint brushes, sprinkles, and what not and let THEM have at it. USUALLY I make mine from scratch but I SEE we used the SAME recipe this year!

JennyLu said...

PS for clean up... wrap whatever is left up in the cheap table cloth and dispose of it in ONE fell swoop! Drop the kids into the bath (well... u know... nicely don't just like toss them or anything)