Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Was a Blue Christmas

In the sense that 6 days before Christmas, Dylan was awarded his blue belt! YAY, Dylan! WE had a lull there for a minute during the 'green belt phase' where he was getting bored with taekwondo and wanted to quit. Now, he's happy to have pushed on with it and we are so proud of him!
He also received 5th place (also known as consolation prize) for Junior Green Belt Student of the Year. (Way to go mommy for submitting 6 votes for your own son! Apparently 4 other mommies were a little more persistent.)

Now we get to see him really he learns to break boards!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dylan!!! You got your competitive spirit and drive from your mommy. Keep up the good work and we will call on you to help rebuild the fence. We will need someone who can break the boards in two :-)


Grandmommy said...

Dylan, I am so proud of you getting your blue belt. I can't wait to see you in action.

Eva Nichole said...

Great job Dylan!!

I did not notice the hyperlinks I think the blogger is going crazy or something!! I wish I knew what was going on but I am sure it will go away. Websites do crazy things sometimes.

Crystal and Eva

The Stewarts said...

Way to go little man!!!! Your brothers and sisters better not make you mad:-0

Don't hurt Elon too bad said...

Way to go Dylan! You will need these skills when your little sisters get dating age!

Anonymous said...

Great work on getting your blue belt.
Between this and basketball you a
are becoming quite the athlete.