Sunday, January 25, 2009

...meanwhile on the ride home...

In the truck on the way home from lunch today:

David: I'll never eat sushi again. It was the worst stuff ever. It was like raw fish and cream cheese rolled up in some rice. It took everything in me not to heave it all out.

Me: Ewww...that sounds pretty nasty! Hey! Did you see on Facebook where so-and-so became a fan of Mr. Bean?

David: Yeah...I commented on that, did you not see?

Dylan: Mommy, can I go with you later today to get our new shoes?

Me: We'll see.

Bryan: Daddy, am I allergic to apples?

David: No.

Bryan: Yessssssssss!

Elysa: (probably thinking: "Dear God, please make them all normal.")


Amanda said...

LOL!!! At least you guys aren't boring :-) I love the picture of Elysa. I have a feeling you guys will be seeing this expression again when she is a teenager.

The Stewarts said...

And where are her socks and shoes mom???

smtmichelle said...

I think that people are missing the bigger point can David not like Sushi?!?!

Soon, very soon.... said...

PLEASE Lord make me the NORMAL one of the bunch! I beg you! There's no hope for them anymore. Never a dull moment.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time to comment. I have visited many times. I love being invited into your sweet world. How blessed you are. I have looked carefully into this precious photo. I see a little girl longing to try sushi. Wondering who Mr. Bean is. Not wearing socks and shoes, because she is like her mom. Who needs them in January? As far as apples, she thinks, who cares? God bless, I love you, Lisa

Springer family said...

She is so cute! We have that same car seat! :)

Eva Nichole said...

LOL!! You make me laugh I love reading your blog it makes my day little brighter.
Crystal and Eva