Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Northerners, Try Not to Make Too Much Fun of Us! :)

You see that? Sure you do! It's snowing in Memphis!
Okay, so maybe it was a little hard to see in the previous picture, but by the time we got to the daycare it was an all-out snow storm! (Northerners, please see title of today's post.) :)
And by the time I hit the interstate it was a total blizzard!
And by the time I got to work it was over...SO Memphis!


Grandmommy said...

The boys look so happy in the few snowflakes that you can't even see in the pictures. Just imagine if we got a half an inch that lasted more than 2 hours.

Amanda said...

I can't believe you guys were able to get around so easily in all that snow. Please be more careful next time we get such a huge amount. On a sweeter note, the guys look so cute smiling in snow.

Eva Nichole said...

Well if you want more snow you can come here and take the 10 foot piles we have in the front yard from the plowing and whatnot, its not melting anytime soon.
Crystal and Eva

Snow, snow, come again another day said...

We LOVED the snow and it looks like the boys did too. They have such sweet smiles!

Anonymous said...

I know all the kids were wanting more but what we had was beautiful and just enough for me. Maybe next year the kids will get their wish.