Sunday, February 1, 2009

Case Closed

Here's a little secret you might not know: 89% of criminals get themselves caught.** Normally by telling on themselves to friends, bragging, or simply by confession. That is how a majority of crimes are solved. Case in point:

On Wednesday of last week, Bryan went to David complaining that someone had stolen all the tires off his truck that he got for Christmas. (Mental report was taken along with photos.)
Our initial person of interest: Do I really have to say her name? I mean really?

On Saturday night, as we were all sitting around the hearth room, our sweet Lydia told us that she was going to cook us all some dinner. And as she opened up her oven and announced, "Who's ready for some donuts" the whole tire theft mystery was solved.

Case # 1045392
The Case of the Mystery Tire Thief
Victim: Bryan Godsey

**studies are not scientific or based on any facts at all, whatsoever. Facts contained in this post should not be cited in any formal research or documentation.


Amanda said...

Well, they do look like chocolate doughnuts. Even though I am sure that Bryan preferred them on his car, it was sweet of Lydia to cook them up for her family.

Becky Lollar said...

Oh my word!! That is hilarious!! Glad the tires were returned to the rightful owner!! :)

Oh girl! said...

Lydia Lydia Lydia! Your parents are cops, be careful though, they won't be able to get you out of EVERYTHING! How funny, that girl IS a hot mess. As far as being best friends with Kaylie.....ha!

Grandmommy said...

Poor Lydia. I don't think she has a chance. She's been tagged with the title "suspect" in the Godsey house and she's just not criminal enough to get away with anything (yet).

The Stewarts said...

Awesome. What great stuff I have to look forward too:-)

Anonymous said...

How precious! What I see is a very creative little girl, thinking of sharing a treat with her family. Doing nothing to bother her brother. Tell Miss Lydia she has a "spare" grandma on her side. love, Lisa

Eva Nichole said...

You are so funny!! What a little crimal you have there, did you book her and take her prints?
Crystal and Eva