Sunday, February 8, 2009

First of All:

First thing's first. And there were a lot of those this weekend. Including:

A first haircut:

A first sleepover at the new home:

A first tooth brushing (yes, I am a horrible pet owner. I never knew you were supposed to "brush" your dog's teeth.):

A first playdate with a new friend:

And a first time making a new recipe (Chicken squares. Delicious chicken mixture inside cresent rolls. Everybody liked!)
And to wrap things up, in true Godsey fashion, we have another great Bryanism:

Busy (adj): A state of being where you feel like everything is spinning around you.

Used in exact context: Today as we were at the mall, David and I had all 4 kids on the carousel (reason for no pictures) when Bryan announced to anyone within earshot that he was "getting busy on this carousel."


~Tricia~ said...

I really love your blog. I've been just smiling and laughing right along. You have a beautiful family. ~Enjoy~

Becky Lollar said...

Oh my goodness!! That's hilarious (what Bryan said). And those chicken squares look AWESOME!!

Amanda said...

I can not get over how much Lydia looks like you. She is so cute! I love her new hair style. I'm also very proud and impressed over the sleepover and your chicken dish. You must pass on the recipe. Also, how you can keep from smiling everytime that Bryan opens his mouth I will never know.

Mom said...

This is a change. I want your recipe.

The Stewarts said...

What???!!!??? Cooking? Are you sure those aren't from Applebees???:-)

Ashley said...

Haha, Bryan never fails to make me laugh! He's too cute!

stephanie said...

hahaha thats my brian, I knew he would be the outspoken one lol. even when he was younger you could just see the wheels turning in his mind.

and can I just say how stunned I am that you are cooking?! i seem to remember cooking for the kids back in the day and leaving you and David leftovers so you wouldn't starve!

Stephanie said...

classic!!! You know - once, at a restaurant, Ava and I were playing around and I blew into her face. She squealed with delight, then - LOUDLY - exclaimed: Daddy, do you want momma to blow you?!?!
Gotta love those moments!!!

Anonymous said...

All these first are wonderful. I love Lydia's new hair cut, Dylan had a great sleep-over, Lindsay a chef, even the dog is smiling brightly and of course all of this is topped off with Bryan hilarious sayings.

SO happy to see firsts said...

Your kids never cease to amaze me! Bryan and Kaylie have the same definition of busy, that's great! I wonder what else they will have in common ;) I still can't believe Dylan is even big enough to have friends over and I really can't believe that you are old enough to have a kid that can have sleepovers, wow. Jax really looks like he is smilin in that picture, oh wait, that's just his gray hair, poor thing! Lydia looks so pretty and proud with her little certificate. You should have stood by your rolls like that to show off your accomplishments too!

Eva Nichole said...

What a great week of firsts!!!

Crystal and Eva