Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's becoming less funny. Help!

Tonight was Dylan's school's "open house". I still don't totally get the point of open houses at school, but I'm sure most moms and dads are crazy about them. I'm probably the rare exception. Anyhow, with my husband working nights I had totally planned on skipping the sacred "open house" ritual in order to take Dylan to a much needed taekwondo practice. However, he pleaded his case that we had to go tonight because if we didn't his "alien" would be the only one in the class that stayed all night by himself. That's right, his ALIEN. So off we all went to visit school and bring home the alien.
And after several threats and countless bribes, I pleaded with the foursome known as my kiddos to behave like little angels so mommy could put on a happy face and enjoy her time at the open house. I was amazed as we entered the building at Dylan's courtesy as he held the door open for the rest of us and I was in shock as we all walked down the hallway together, holding hands and smiling as we passed others in the hallway. Did they actually listen to me this time???
When we finally made it to Dylan's class, I was able to get a few pics of Dylan and Bryan playing together. They were being so sweet!
And Elysa was just adorable as she grabbed the teacher's pointer and proceeded to "point" at everything in the room with it. Such a little doll!
And right before we left, as I was sweating and stressed to the max, I begged the kids to let me get just one shot of them together. This is what they gave me. Not too bad, not at all.

So, you might be wondering what in the world the title of this post is referring to. Well, let me just say--Imagine her:

doing this:

with a permanent red marker on the teacher's CHALKBOARD. Eeeeek! It's SOOOO not funny anymore!


Amanda said...

You are so brave! They were so cute walking down the hall. I can tell Dylan was very happy and proud to have you and his brother and sisters there. I hate that David missed out on all the fun and stress :-) Don't worry so about Lydia, teachers don't really use the chalkboard anymore anyway :-)

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you. You do a beautiful job with your sweet ones. It seems like yesterday, you and Amanda were laughing about "looking for frogs" with Roger & Joe. I always knew it was you Amanda was talking to, she couldn't stop laughing. Miss Lydia is just a fun girl like her mommy. ENJOY all these moments. love you, Lisa

Grandmommy said...

When they said Open House, I sure they didn't expect a whole classroom of Godsey's! Just wait until you have 4 rooms to visit. Great job with the alien, Dylan.

smtmichelle said...

hahaha i knew it was to good to be true! and for the record, i love reading your blogs as well :) always something amusing, I often make my co-workers listen to me read about the Brianisms lol. i don't think they appreciate them quite as much as i do!

The Stewarts said...

Well, where is the picture of the chalk board. Oh, I guess that would look like you were supporting that kind of stuff, I guess:-0

And poor Bryan, in the group shot he looks like he is in a line up!!!

Eva Nichole said...

Oh my!! I hope the teacher was understanding. I say you need one more person just to keep an eye on her at all times. Dear lady I do not know how you do it everyday without going crazy.
You know what as I read this I thought SHE IS JUST LIKE MY SISTER WAS AT THAT AGE. My mom survived and I know you can do it.
Crystal and Eva

Mommy of 2 and going a little crazy..... said...

Oh my goodness, that girl! Just keep telling yourself that she may be the one that visits you in the old folks home ;)
Great pictures of the kids though, they are always so adorable, even when they don't smile. I'm still amazed that you took all 4 with you, brave brave soul! You know you can always drop 1 or 2 off over here if you ever need to, it would be a great distraction for us and the kids (you can only tell Elon no so many times before you start going crazy)!