Monday, February 23, 2009


Oh, how I was gonna blog tonight. It's been a while and I know I need to. I even took a couple of pics today to bring some life to this post, but well, that's where the problem comes in. My camera seems to have walked away and I've got only one idea as to who might have aided in it's escape. {Sigh} So, I'm headed to bed hoping that tomorrow's search efforts are a little more rewarding. In the meantime, I hope you all have a beautiful, God-filled day!


Grandmommy said...

Have you checked the oven or the french fry box? Maybe Lydia could show you where it is. Gotta love her.

Eva Nichole said...

LOL!!! I was going to say the samething did you check her oven or fridge...LOL!
I hope you find it soon.
Crystal and Eva

Eva Nichole said...

Oh and I would get you a preview of Eva in the dress but right now its at my moms house in Wisconsin because the wedding is up there so why bring it home just to take it back right?!?! Maybe when I go up there again I will put her in it, it might be alittle big right now since I got her a 3T and she is now just fitting into a 2T so I thought maybe by Oct she would fit into a 3T which some of her clothes are so I wanted to make sure it was not to small at the wedding.

Ashley said...

i'm such a good photographer.
at least you know i'm good for somethin! =]

Amanda said...

Poor Lydia, maybe she was just helping you realize that you needed to get some extra rest instead of blogging. How can you resist that sweet smile? I just want to pick her up and hug her.