Thursday, February 5, 2009

So, what's been going on lately?

A whole bunch of nothing, really. But since you asked:

Well, recently we've all been feeling kinda icky:
My baby boy is growin' up way too fast! This week he was moved to the "accelerated readers" group in his class.
Lydia, well, Lydia Day in and day out. Here she has helped herself to the sudafed, benadryl, cough syrup, and fritos. If all else fails, fritos can cure your ill. (Please don't notify child protective services. Just learned today that they kinda frown on parents who don't have their medicine cabinets locked.) :)

Oh! And if you didn't know, I've become quite the fan of Craigslist. We recently sold this bad boy on Craigslist and brought in some much needed extra cash. I won't say exactly how much we got, but I'll just say we made more that $124.99! Not to shabby, not to shabby! This little guy has been kinda quiet lately, but he just melts my heart. Don't ya just wanna pinch those cheeks?! (And open those eyes. :) He get those squinty eyes from me, I hear.)I had lunch with several fabulous friends for my birthday! I have pics of some but not others, But all my lunch dates were mahvelous, dahling! On Sunday after my birthday, we celebrated veinte y cinco de enero, which is much like cinco de mayo and cuatro de mayo only on the 25th of January. I'm learning that no matter when you celebrate these mexican holidays, the food and atmosphere are eerily similar.

Everybody loves Kaylie!

And I, being the greatest not-so-great photographer ever, caught some rare National-Geographic-type footage: Lydia. Not tearing anything up. Not being bossy. Not fussing. Just sweet Lydia!


Grandmommy said...

Wow! So much to comment on in one post. Dylan, I'm so proud of you. Next time you spend the night, I want you to read me a bedtime story. I hope the girls are feeling better. Looks like Lydia takes after her mother, drinking the bottle of amoxcillan(?) from the fridge. Bryan, so sweet.

Eva Nichole said...

Great photos and sounds like everything is going great!!
Crystal and Eva

The Stewarts said...

I don't know what you are tlaking about with sweet little Lydia. She was so good at the party, she just melted my lil sisters heart:-0

GodseySix said...


Did your aunt not tell you about how Lydia *Corrected her english*?! They were just talking away and your aunt said "yeah" and Lydia pointed her finger and said, "We don't say yeah, we say YES." Your aunt replied with "Wow, I feel like I'm in grammar class." I was so embarassed! :)

Just another post from me said...

I LOVE THIS POST cuz my daughter's picture made it in there twice, and even Elon was featured too! Every day we go out to eat Mexican should be considered a holiday, I think! I love Dylan's quiet spot to read too, that's great. And you thought you needed exensive furniture, come on! You should picnik that picture of Lydia too (ask Ashley), she could make it really precious(if that was even possible). I really enjoy reading your blog, you are so entertaining!

Shanda said...

And yeah, how funny that we just talked about the medicine today. Hilarious! But shame on you! Maybe Bryan could get you out of trouble with that smile...