Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmama!

That's Grandmama --Not to be confused with the infamous Grandmommy. And today was her 40th birthday. Okay, maybe not her 40th, but it really was her birthday. Happy Birthday, Grandmama! We love you!!!


Amanda said...

I know that having such cuties around had to have made her birthday wonderful :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad you all came by, it certainly made my day special. I'm still eating on the ice-cream cake should finish the last piece tonight.

Thanks again,

The Stewarts said...

Awe, that is great!!! The kids are so lucky to be able to know the grandparents. And you can tell Grandmama was just tickled:-)

Need help with your sound effects said...

How much fun! Kaylie and Elon got to see their Great Grandparents this weekend as well. We went over to Jeremy's Mawmaw Saturday and went to my Grandaddys Sunday. I think it's wonderful for them to spend time with someone just a little more wiser. Plus I think the Grandparents like it too. HAHA (if I could figure out how to type the drum thing after that funny, I would have)