Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet "Eugene" the "Truck Man"

In the car on the way home from preschool today:

Me: How was school today, Bryan?

Bryan: It was good. Guess what I want to be when I grow up?

Me (really excited to hear from my baby boy: a fireman maybe, the president, another astronaut perhaps): What do you want to be when you grow up?

Bryan: A truck man.

Me: Oh. What is a truck man? (All the while thinking "really? a trucker?")

My sweet son: You know a man who drives a truck. Just like daddy.

Me (thinking this is cute): Ooooh!

My little "truck man: And when I do grow up I want to be called "Eugene".

Me (thinking this is sweet because he is named after my dad): Why Eugene?

Eugene: Because I like Mr. Crabs! (from Spongebob...whose first name is Eugene.)


Eva Nichole said...

I love having talks like that with Bailey, its so cute!!
Crystal and Eva
PS thank you for the sweet comment on Eva's blog it made me cry.

Mom said...

If we call Bryan "Eugene", does that mean we call your dad "Mr. Crabs"? I like it.

The Stewarts said...

Nice, too much cartoons mom????:-)

In awe of little minds said...

How simple! Duh, mommy! Yet another wise statement from Bryan!

stephanie said...

hahahahaha i love all of them, but brian is probably the one that keeps me laughing the most. that kid is hilarious.

Amanda said...

I think that this is my favorite picture of Bryan. I can just see him when he is sixteen, turning and flashing that melt your heart smile at you promising to be home by midnight (knowing that he will be calling and trying to stay out later like we use to).

Anonymous said...

Sorry I don't watch Spongebob but from the looks of the picture, I think you will make a fine truck man.

stacey said...

looooove it! that boy cracks me up! at least he wanted to be a trucker.. when the firemen visited with their truck & let the kids spray the hose, they told cade how good he was & he should be a fireman when he grows up.. he calmly replies no, i'm going to be a power ranger. :) haha.