Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to the Godseysix's edition of Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Okay, then. Here we go..........

Last Friday was Grandmama's birthday. We decided to stop by and wish her a little "Happy Birthday". The kids were a little fussy because everything they wanted to play with I said "no" to, and Lydia was complaining constantly of being thirsty. Their constant fussies did not get to me and I did not, in any way, allow my 1-year-old to use my Grandad's pill bottle as a "rattle" just to keep her happy. Not me!

Nor, did I let my two middle children play with his collectibles as if they were toys. That would be a bad thing for a mom to do and might even lead the children to believe that they could pitch fits to get their way. And I would never contribute to that kind of raising. Never. No, not me!

Well, maybe I might have done those things...I mean, since there is photo evidence and all. But the following have no pictures associated with them. So I most certainly did not do these:

Last night, as I ran lap 7 0f 10 on the treadmill with my IPOD on shuffle, I did not, nor would I ever, listen to "5 Little monkeys jumping on the bed" sung by a group of pre-schoolers in it's entirety without skipping to another song. Not me. No, not me.

I did not have a early morning melt down one day this week because I was running late for work and my darling husband got the boys ready for school, dressing Dylan in a shirt that was 2 sizes too small for him on a picture day. Not me, no sir-ee!

I did not take my son to get his hair cut all the while having myself pampered a bit and getting my eyebrows done only to get to the register to realize that I had left all forms of payment at home. Un-uh. Not me!

I did not get interrupted this week by a nosy little 2-year-old while I was shaving my legs, and when she asked me what I was doing, I did not tell her a small tale like "Mommy is combing her hairs on her legs." I mean that would be smart, though, seeing as she's only 2 and way too early to be learning about shaving. But I did not do that. No! Not me!

And since I did not do the aforementioned, it would have been impossible for me to have giggled to myself when she grabbed her daddy's comb and sat down next to me on the floor and began combing her leg hairs. Nope. Not me!

I did not get so giddy about my first Not Me! Monday post that I began working on it on Friday of last week. And I certainly did not post it hours before the clock hit "Monday". That would be absurd and so very not me!

So, that about sums up what all I have not been doing this week. You think you're up to braving the task and telling everyone else what you have not been doing this week? Head on over to MckMama's blog and grab her button, then blab away! It's kinda theraputic, in a way! :) And I, in no way, under any circumstances, would not love to read about what all you have not been doing this week! Oh! And do not have fun!


Amanda said...

I am just impressed that you did all this so early. If I tried to put a post for Monday early, it would probably be there by the following week on a Tuesday :-) It sounds like you had a very, very funny week. Love that now we comb the hair on our legs. I will have to remember that one. Also don't feel bad about the really small shirt for Dylan. It happens all the time over here whenever my better half dresses the boys. Sam is usually forced to wear something of Luke's. It is also usually too small for Luke. But, hey, if we can't laugh at this stuff then we will end up on the six o'clock news running around screaming with a diaper on our head. Let's just hope it is a clean one :-)

Grandmommy said...

Never say "never". You learn quickly anything is ok as long as the kids are entertained and happy. I'm so glad you were a regular a Fantastic Sam's. Otherwise, you might still be sweeping hair off the floor. Do you add conditioner to the leg hair before you comb it? Love the "Not Me Monday's".

Eva Nichole said...

LOL!! You would NEVER do any of that would you...LOL!
Crystal and Eva

Jean Stockdale said...

From one night owl to another...good post! Blessings.

*sara* said...

"Mommy is combing her hairs on her legs."

hahahahahaha...I am not laughing hysterically!!

Kaylie and Elon's mommy said...

That has got to be one of the best posts yet! I love your brutal honesty. It is amazing what you do just to make your kids happy, and that's coming from a Social Worker...Lindsay... Hehe I have found myself listening to the Doodlebops on my way to work and only realizing it as I pull in to park, HORRIBLE! Thank you for the smiles from that post. You and your family are just too precious for words!