Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that time again! Welcome to the Godseysix edition of Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. Allright, then. Let's get this party started...
Last week was not full of interesting and slightly embarassing moments like this one. I normally do my bible studies at night, right before bed. I'm in my PJs and the kids are in bed. I snuggle up with my bible and my lesson book and have my quiet time right there in bed. On one night in particular, I realized after getting in my PJs that I left my bible study literature in the van. It was late~9 o'clock-ish~and I just knew my neighbors would be inside for the night. I did not go outside in my nightgown to fetch my literature from the van. And more importantly, my next door neighbor did not come outside to take down his trash cans while I was outside in my nightgown. {Sigh} And then I did not do the first thing that came to mind when I heard his back door shut and climb into my van, hit the dome light override, and sit in the van until he was finished taking his trash to the curb. But one thing is for sure...that will never happen to me again! No, Not me!

Something else I apparently did not do this week was laundry. However, I would never let the laundry go so long that it would be as enticing to a child as, say, a pile of leaves on a fall day. No! Not me! I do not totally love this picture of my youngest, and I do not think everybody else in the world should too. (I'm not biased or anything. Nope. Not me!)

And this month for our Sunday School social, wii did not send our children to the childcare provided by the church so that wii could play with their toys. No way! Not we! And I did not have a blast despite looking and feeling ridiculous. Nope! Not me!

And since I am trying to start eating healthier, I am trying to cook healthier for my family, too. However, some of them aren't quite into the new healthier food. And I would certainly never deceive them and serve mashed cauliflower to them leading them to think it was mashed potatoes. And I most certainly did not laugh aloud as I ate my meal because none of them could tell the difference. Who, me?

So, what about you? Was there anything that you just didn't do this week? Go ahead, 'fess up! I'm not dying to know! :)


stacey said...

i do not love that picture of elysa either! :)

The Stewarts said...

Awe, come one mom. Give the kids realy potatoes!!! That's just not right!!!!:-)

BTW you think your pile of laundry was bad, I couldn't even find Thomas for a second on sat!!:-) And I only have 3 people in my fam:-)

Eva Nichole said...

Well I am glad you did not do any of that...LOL!
I would have felt the same way if I went out in my PJs.
Crystal and Eva

Amanda said...

Love the pictures of the girls. Love that you are prancing around the neighborhood in your nightgown (yeah, baby) And love that none of this happened. At least your laundry was piled up. We just keep moving ours from one pile to another in different rooms. I have this train of thinking: the boys are outgrowing the clothes anyway so why put them up?

Shanda said...

HILARIOUS is all I have to say!