Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today~in a nutshell

  • The results from the "Which is your favorite Bryanism" survey are in! Over half of the votes were for "Busy" making that our winning Bryanism. Thank you all so very much for participating in our little survey! Your input will most definitely make it into the next family album for our sweet Bryan to look back on. :)

  • Also, today we played "Musical Bedrooms". Since Lydia is now in a toddler bed we thought she might need to come downstairs. So, we moved her downstairs and Bryan upstairs into Lydia's room. Moved Elysa out of the room and into Dylan's room and moved Dylan in with Bryan, leaving the game room as a play room rather than another bedroom. (There will be a quiz on all that later.) :) Anyhow, remember this? Well, now that this is her room, it appears that she thought it wasn't "cool" enough so she added a little more decoration. This time it was in the form of a bandaid on the wall which, bytheway, WON'T COME OFF! Any suggestions on this one??? Perhaps I should just leave it until she is done with her masterpiece?
  • And tonight Grandmommy and Grandpa stopped by for a quick visit. What a nice surprise! And what a cute pic too! (I think we started taking "group" pictures when it was just the two boys and the grandparents, so we have a "series" now. And this one is probably my fave so far!)
  • And today I got to spend a little time with my girls before the boys came home from school. YAY! What a treat!

And so there you have it...Today. In a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by!


Amanda said...

That is truly one of the sweetest pictures of you and the girls! It brought tears to my eyes, especially with how much they favor you. You can just tell that they loved having you all to themselves.

Grandmommy said...

My favorite picture so far too. I think I need to update my facebook page. Enjoyed the visit last night.

The Stewarts said...

Lov ethe pic with you and the girls. That's def a "hang on the wall" keeper!

Too many comments in one said...

Yay for Bryan getting 'busy'! Never a dull moment! Hope the musical bedrooms are working out, it's great that they are so adaptable. Good grief Lydia, stay away from the markers and bandaids now, is there a support group for that yet? Hehe Hey, when she makes you millions with her creativity you could sit back and laugh, until then..... That picture is GORGEOUS! I know those girls just loved that special time! You three are beautiful inside and out. Yay for grandparent time, you know they wouldn't trade that quality time for the world. Y'all are lucky to have each other.