Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Which is your favorite "Bryanism"?

Hey fellow bloggeranianites! How about a survey? I was reminiscing last night as I scrolled back through the archives of the blog, and was giggling to myself about all of Bryan's ~isms. I have a poll out to the side of today's post where you can vote for your favorite "Bryanism". I thought it would be something cute and different to include in their "family year books" that I create for the kids to look back on as they grow up and have children of their own. So, if you wouldn't mind, it would only take a second or two and I think Bryan will really love looking back on this. And in case you might have forgotten exactly what his terms mean, I have copied their definitions and included them below. (You can vote on more than 1 in case you can't pick just one.) Thanks for voting!

Busy (adj): A state of being where you feel like everything is spinning around you.
Used in exact context: Today as we were at the mall, David and I had all 4 kids on the carousel when Bryan announced to anyone within earshot that he was "getting busy on this carousel."

Bryanism # 436: Bryan describes his brain.
It has a mouth that goes "mo-mo-mo-mo" and it looks like a bald panda bear.

rudin' (v) To break in on talk or action.
Used in exact context (as Bryan is telling a story and Daddy interrupts him): "Daddy I'm trying to talk and you're always rudin' me!"

Blinking (v) That pounding feeling inside your chest after you have been chasing your big brother around the house for a solid 15 minutes.
Used in a sentence: "Mommy, my heart is blinking."

grow up (v)--something that you do when you don't feel well. It is usually very messy if you don't make it to the toilet in time.
Used in a sentence: "Mommy, I don't feel well. I think I am about to grow up."


Amanda said...

How can I pick just one! He says such sweet things. I had to go with busy. I think it was so funny that he was getting busy on the carousel.

GodseySix said...

I like "busy", too. It was really quite a hoot! Thank you for voting!!!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure until I got to "grow up", it gets my vote. Rudin is my second choice. This was fun! Ask me to vote again sometime. Love to all, Lisa

Jean Stockdale said...

THanks for stopping by and leaving me a note. The years are fleeting, although I am so sure it does not feel like it to you! Blessings.

Grandmommy said...

They are all so good but I vote for rudin'. Bryan describing his brain sounds like someone that would join the group "I'd rather be a tree than a waffle".

The Stewarts said...

LOVE the Rudin!!! My fav!!!!

FASHA said...

My favorite is Bryan's heart is blinking....I like it when it blinks!!!! Love ya Bryan!!

Eva Nichole said...

They are all just to cute!! I could never pick one. What a cutie and you will have to make a book of Bryanisms...LOL!
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

It's not easy to cast a vote, but I will go for blinking, since I can only pick one.