Sunday, April 5, 2009

". . . . ."

If you could read my mind, that (title) is what it might look like. I'm stumped. Not really much to say, but I couldn't go all weekend without any updates.

Monday's are usually, well at least recently, reserved for "Not Me! Monday" posts, however, since I have not heard from anyone and I am not sure what MckMama is doing, I will not be posting one this week. I don't know~just seems kinda wrong to continue on when the founder of "Not Me! Monday" is in the hospital with her baby boy who is truly fighting for his life. So, perhaps next week, depending on the circumstances and how everyone else (all the other people who do nothing on a weekly basis along with me) goes about it.

In other news, I WON A GIVEAWAY THIS WEEKEND! How exciting is that?! I feel like I won the lottery! I entered a giveaway over at Why Rinse Chicken and woke up Saturday morning to find out I had actually won! (Thanks again Sara!) SO. EXCITING. Exciting enough, in fact, that I have decided to host a giveaway of my very own! Check in over the next few won't wanna miss it! (Okay, okay. So it's more like I don't want you to miss it!) I'm not exactly sure which day it will be up and running, but I am hoping the first part of the week. So do come back and play along!

Ummm...what else? We had some pretty awesome weather this weekend! Which was perfect, because a certain little lady woke up on Saturday morning with a new interest in a certain sport.
Isn't that the cutest thing you have ever seen? She really looks excited about that ball! (And she only carried it around with her for the first three hours of the day on Saturday.) So, we all headed out for a friendly game of 4-on-1 basketball!

Look at 'em all! You got 2 wide open at the top of the key, Elysa is boxing Daddy out for the rebound and Dylan is about to take it to the hoop! So next time someone tells me "Whoa! You guys have a basketball team!" I'll be able to say, "Why, yes we do!" :)

Happy Monday to you all! Hope everyone has a great week!


Amanda said...

Oh your genes have definitely been passed on my friend. I guess I will have to have my boys buy them pickles at each game. Don't want to jinx their winnings ;-) Elysa's picture is truly precious.

grandmommy said...

I think David's army-of-one team might as well give up. He is definitely outnumbered and they are much cuter.

*sara* said...

You're welcome again! Can't wait to see what your giveaway is!

And your little basketball team is too cute!

Eva Nichole said...

Great job!! Looks like a wonderful weekend and great weather. I am still waiting on spring to come.
Crystal and Eva

The Stewarts said...

LOVE Elysa's smile. She uses her whole face!!!!!! Too cute mom!

Becky Lollar said...

Those basketball pictures are ADORABLE!!!

Stephanie said...

they are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not David! lol!)

Shanda, mom of 2 said...

WHAT great pictures! Elysa's whole face lights up when she smiles, too ADORABLE! I am so impressed with what good quality time you spend with the kids. SUPERMOM! What did you win? I am surprised we didn't get a picture of what you did when you found out you won ;) WAY TO GO!