Sunday, April 12, 2009

Not me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama who is still in the hospital with her 5 month old Stellan and might not be rolling with the Not Me! Monday posts this week. But you can still swing by her blog to check on her and sweet Stellan.

This week I did not carry a HEAVY load of stress with me for much of the week. I did not let that stress get the best of me and call off from work for the last two days of the week because of it. And I certainly did not try to counter the stress by taking the WHOLE family to meet Dylan at school for lunch. That would, in fact, cause more stress so I would not have done that. No! Not me!

David and I had a heart to heart talk with Dylan this week and explained to him that there was no such thing as an Easter bunny. I think the talk went really well considering that the very next day Dylan asked us if it was the night that the Easter bunny was going to come. I did not go out that very night and spend what was left of our grocery money on Easter basket stuff in order to carry on with the whole "Easter bunny" tradition. That would be irresponsible, and irresponsible is certainly not me!

I did not host my very first giveaway this week and I am certainly not so very excited to find out who the winner will be on Wednesday! If you haven't entered yet, you don't still have time! (Which means you do. So go! Enter! Hurry up!)

I do not think this is a great picture of my hubby and the boys from Easter!

And I do not like this picture he took of me and the girls for Easter. Really? No, really. I DON'T! In fact, I can not believe I just posted it to the internet! Ugh!

So, well, that's about all I did not do this week. I'd love to hear what you have not done this week! Don't tell! Don't tell!


Amanda said...

What a week! I know I say it all the time, but Lydia so looks like you. She is such a cutie. Plus I was to inform you that if she ever goes missing, my Aunt Anne has her. She reads your blog all the time and so wants to sit and talk with her. I love that you were able to get just the boys together and then just you girls in a picture. You are truly blessed with such sweetness in your home.

*sara* said...

Love the lunch picture! Hope you have a better week this week :)

Eva Nichole said...

(((HUGS))) I wish I lived closer so we could NOT do things together.
I love all the pics, even the one of you and the girls (this is why I am not in many pics I am not happy with how I look most of the time.)
Glad you had a nice easter and I hope this week is better for you!!
Crystal and Eva

ConfidentUntilCompletion said...

Hilarious! I decided to jump on board the NOT ME train this week! It was pretty fun! Now, if I can get the computer to our house, take some pictures, and maybe next week will be better. :)

Not Me Shanda said...

I did not listen to Dora the Explorer on the DVD player in my Tahoe almost the entire way to work this morning without even realizing that it was on. Not ME!
I do not bribe my daughter with candy to take a picture anymore. Not ME!
I never ask my son where his belly button is when he has on a onesie (really funny)! Not ME!
I never trash walls with this blog writer either! NEVER! Not me!!! Nor did I have a fantastic lunch with her today either ;)