Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not me! Monday

Well, it's that time again! Time for Not me! Monday, a blog carnival created by MckMama where people all over the world stop hiding their flaws and imperfections. Instead, we embrace those little quirks while still hiding a little bit behind the guise of Not Me!: a sort of therapy, if you will!

As has been for the past few weeks, MckMama is in the hospital with her sweet 5 month old son Stellan who is scheduled for heart surgery sometime on Tuesday. Having said that, it goes without saying that she probably will not be participating in Not me! Monday this week. But please feel free to swing by her blog to check on the MckFamily and offer a word of encouragement or support.

And now I bring you this week's edition of Not Me! Monday!

This week was a bit of a strange week, in that I really did not do much. No, Not me! Actually I did do much, but was caught cameraless more than once, and as a result I have very few pics to support this week's edition of Not me! Monday. So I apologize in advance if the reading with no pics gets a little dull. I'll see what I can do to shake things up a bit. (?)

I would never consider skipping an edition of Not me! Monday because I realize that I have no pics to show for my week. No! Not me! In fact, I would never procrastinate until 9pm on a Monday night to post my Not me! Monday. I have never been know to procrastinate. Ever. Nope! Not this momma!

Speaking of people who procrastinate, I was certainly not the only momma who forgot to bring in boo-coos of pictures of her precious little four-year-old for the video slideshow that will be shown at the graduation in four weeks. I am WAY proud of my son and would in no way forget about an opportunity to boast picture after oh-so-adorable picture of my precious preschooler. No, Not I!

Also, this week, we celebrated a special birthday. On Tuesday we visited my best friend, Amanda, and her youngest who was celebrating his 2nd birthday. (Happy Birthday Luke!) I had plenty of notice about the party and did not stop by and pick up his present on the way home from work THAT NIGHT and wrap it on the way to their house. Once again, I tell you, I am not~by any stretch of the imagination~a procrastinator. Not me! No sir-ee!

I am not beginning to believe that I might be a procrastinator. I am not beginning to believe that I might be a procrastinator. I am not beginning to believe that I might be a procrastinator.

Okay here's one where I did NOT procrastinate. On Friday night we went to see CCR live in concert. I did not get any pictures of the concert. Why? Well my sweet husband (love you dear) laughed at me when I pulled the camera out and shoved it into my pocket in a half ditch effort to conceal it. Then he went on to tell me "you know they don't allow flash photography in the casinos." Half defeated, I hid the camera under the seat and continued on inside. Once inside, I was not surrounded by gazillions of flashes during the concert. I did not pout at all. I mean I probably wouldn't have gotten any good pictures anyway. We were only on the FIFTH ROW! But I'm not upset. Not in the least. No, Not me!

(Close eyes and imagine 5 somewhat older men jamming out on stage here. Sorry. Without a picture, it's the best I can do.) :)

I am not about to wrap this bad boy up after only confessing to only four things (that I obviously did not do). No, Not me! Well, seeing as Monday is only a few hours from being over, I will not beg you to join in. This week! But next week, I'm so looking forward to hearing what you might or might not have done. Happy Monday to all!


Grandmommy said...

No, not me. I did not fall in the rain Sunday on the parking lot at church & jumped up like nothing had happened and continued on in the building soaking wet. No, not me.

*sara* said...

I am not a procrastinator either and definitely do not LOVE CCR!!

Amanda said...

I did not love the photo of Bryan on his first birthday, no not at all!!! I also was not touched to see my little guy's picture on your blog, nope not me! I also don't keep checking my computer to see your blog updates, nope never would!