Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not me! Monday

Well, it's that time again! Time for Not me! Monday, a blog carnival created by MckMama where people all over the world stop hiding their flaws and imperfections. Instead, we embrace those little quirks while still hiding a little bit behind the guise of Not Me!: a sort of therapy, if you will!

As has been for the past few weeks, MckMama is in the hospital with her sweet 5 month old son Stellan who ::fingers crossed:: might be discharged today! With excitement like that going on, odds are she probably will not be participating in Not me! Monday this week. But please feel free to swing by her blog to check on the MckFamily and drop her a line to say 'hello'.

So without further delay, I now bring you the Godseysix edition of Not me! Monday!
This week I had a little issue with my sinuses and although I have never had an allergy problem, I am kinda beginning to wonder if I might not have some of those crazy allergies to stuff like grass, pollen, and nice spring weather. I mean I have near about been miserable all week. But not so miserable that I would go and do something crazy like ask my gynecologist (while she is checking out my nether region), "Hey do you think when you get done with that you could take a look in my ears? They have been really bothering me lately." I mean that might be a little embarassing and I would never intentinally do anything to embarass myself. No, not me!

So! I bet I just lost about half my reading audience after that first thing, huh? Anyhow, here's a few other things that I certainly did not do this week:

We took the kids to Arlington in April (a local little festival) this weekend. It was a lot of fun and I did not let any of my children get burnt to a crisp because I forgot sunscreen. Oh, wait! I already posted about that. So, maybe that did happen. But I do feel terrible! Really I do!

Right as we walked into the Arlington in April festival thing, there was this cage with goats in it. I did not think these baby goats were the cutest little animals and I certainly did not turn to my husband and ask him if he wanted to buy a baby goat! What?! No way did I do that! I have not totally lost my mind!
Let's see. What else happened this week? ::scrolls through pictures:: Ooh! Here's one! I did not take this picture of my kids in 'time out' this week. (If they get caught hitting one another they have to hold hands with the one they were fighting with. You see they are ALL holding hands.) It was not like a mini UFC match when I walked in. I have raised my kids well and they are all little angels. I would never expect to see my children fussing with one another. Nooooo, not me!
I have not pre-arranged a marriage for our youngest daughter to this handsome little stud. Okay. So maybe I'm stretching the limits of Not me! Monday a little with this one. :) I have not prearranged anything. But isn't he just the cutest? And I did not have such a good time with this little man and his family at the Arlington in April thing this weekend.

So, really we did not do much this week. No, really we didn't. But perhaps you did not do even more! If so, or not~okay now I'm just confused~anyhow, I'd like to hear what you did not do this week! Happy Monday to all! :)


Amanda said...

Nice share on the doctor visit, I was there earlier this week also. We should have been talking to each other during that time ;-) Also, who doesn't want a baby goat? Think how nice it would be for all of you to blame everything on the goat. Hmmm, I may have to get one.

Ashley said...

Awe, i LOVE the picture of Elysa and Elon. It's so precious! =]

And the timeout picture is too funny!

Love your funniness! said...

Yeah so, the marriage isn't prearranged, they are going to fall in love on their own.... I mean both of their names start with E, how much closer can you get? Ha Hey, if you get the baby goat you wouldn't have to mow as much.... Love the time out picture, yet Another one of those they will love you for! And what a great way to kill 2 birds with one stone while at the doctors, I just hope she cleaned it off before she looked in your ears..... Leave it to us, huh.....

*sara* said...


I can't believe you asked your OB/GYN that!!!!

lol cracking up over here...