Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Say What You Mean

My kids. Whew. I guess every parent experiences it. But, man. My kids. Every day they say the same things. Every day they say the same things. Every day. The same things. Every day.

But what gets me more than anything else is that what they say is never what they really mean. But what they say...every day...always means the same thing. Confused yet? Here's a handbook for ya...just in case I ever ask you to pick my children up from school. This way you'll be one up on them. :)
Child 1-Example A:
Dylan says: Mommy, you're gonna be mad at me.
Dylan means: I got a 'S' in conduct and I think you might be upset, so I'll make you feel guilty now so you won't get mad at me later. (Worked for about 4 months until I figured him out.)

Child 2-Example B:
Bryan says: Mommy, I didn't lick any icing on the fence today at school. (What?!)
Bryan means: Since I didn't clean the chain link fence with my tongue today, can I have ice cream when I get home? (Worked for about 2 days until I realized how ridiculous it was to reward this behavior.)

Child 3-Example C:
Lydia says: Bubba (Bryan) hit me.
Lyida means: Bubba looked at me when I told him not to, now I want to try to get him in big trouble. (Worked for who knows how long. But we're onto her sneaky ways now.)

Child 4-Example D:

Elysa says:
Elysa means: How much more of a hint do you need before you give me a clean diaper? (Works every time.)
With translations like this, I think "Godsey" should be added into curriculum as an accredited foreigh language course in high school!
Hey here's another:
Lindsay says: Be sure to enter in our bloggy giveaway!
Lindsay means: Hurry! There's only 6 more days until the giveaway closes and the winner is drawn!


Eva Nichole said...

It is funny how they play their little games with us.
Crystal and Eva

Kay and E's decipherererer said...

Well, I am glad that you figured all this out before they get into the teenage years! And Birthday Bear made it into the blog....YAY! Those kids are WAY too precious.

♥..Kim said...

Too cute! I guess I'll learn that later on down the line! :) Have a great day & thanks for the comments!

Amanda said...

LOL, I think Elysa's is the most direct with what she means. Love the pictures of them all. It definitely showed all their sweet little personalities. The years ahead are definitely going to be interesting for you and David :-)

Grandmommy said...

You should make out a list for babysitters so they don't get conned into their game (like I did).

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you figured all this out but you sure got some cute photos.