Sunday, May 31, 2009

Step right up! Step right up!

And ask your questions. I am totally stealing this idea from a couple of different bloggy authors that I enjoy reading. And I am considering whether or not to allow this to take the place of my Not me! Monday post this week due to my new (and crazy) work hours. Would you guys mind if I did that?

Anyhow. Here's the gist. IF there is anything that you are dying to know about me, or any other Godsey for that matter, leave your question as a comment. If there is something that I can elaborate on that might give you a little more insight into the blog, the family, or me now's the time to ask. I (or another Godsey) will answer every question that is posted. Every one. Because I'm cool like that. Kinda. Sometimes. Or not really, but whatever.

Don't have a question? That's cool. How about you help me then. Give me a little insight as to why you enjoy visiting our blog. Maybe it's the giveaways, the Bryan-isms, the Shakespeare-esque writings (or not), reading about the kids, Not me Mondays, Way-fewer Words Wednesdays, Tuesday tributes, or the fun-fun Friday Flashbacks. Perhaps it's Lydia's shenanigans that bring you back for more. Or maybe you visit with hopes to see pics of your kids on the blog. Or do you get a kick out of reading other people's comments? Maybe you like seeing pics of toilets in front yards? What is it? What is it? Inquiring minds I want to know!

So leave a comment, a question, or a "shame on you" for me stealing this GREAT idea from other bloggers (like MckMama, Pioneer Woman, and Sara). I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great week!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun, fun, fun in the sun

Today Grandmommy came over and she took the kids outside to play while I got a few things done around here. (Thanks Grandmommy!) What was supposed to be a family game of basketball went south just moments after I started the sprinklers to water the yard. And you wouldn't believe who it was that started all the mischief!
The boys were quick to follow Elysa's lead and within minutes all of the children were soaked from head to toe from playing in the water. All of them, that is, with the exception of Miss Priss who wanted to play but didn't want to get wet.
Oh, sure, Lydia! Color on my walls, spill nail polish on my carpets, flush toothbrushes down my toilets, and tear up our new home. But please, princess, don't get your hair wet! ;) How can she be so sweet and then...::sigh:: I love that girl!
But then she got wet. Oh, how she got wet! And that umbrella simply became part of the fun.And fun it was! Thanks again Grandmommy for coming over and playing with us!

And now I must go. Because now we are headed to her house for dinner. Mmmmmmm...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flashback Friday

Elysa Leigh at 5 months. I can just imagine how the teenage years are going to unfold for us... "Like OMG mom! These phones are totally last decade. Like, I can't even text to my BFF with this thing. Seriously! Like, can I get an iPhone or something? Mo-o-om!"

Eek! This doesn't even sound fun to me! Quick! How do I stop them from growing up???

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ramblings from the mush-brained momma:

Wow! I can't really come up with much of a title for this one. My mind is like mush right about now and I have no direction for this post. So here's a few random thoughts and maybe a cute picture here and there. Maybe.

~I recently put in a bid for a new position at work and will quickly be changing shifts. How do I feel about that? Well, it's all rather bittersweet. I have some pretty sweet benefits to the job that I am at currently. But it was my choice to leave. So I am a little excited about my new job assignment at the same time. Probably the reason for my absent-mindedness, to be quite honest.

~I tried to take some really cool close up shots of my blooming flowers this weekend, because, well, everyone else is doing it and it looks so great. But not so much for me. Here's a picture so you can see how desperately in need of photography lessons I am. Oh, and also so that you can see proof that I can plant a flower and have it survive a full 24 hours! Yippee!
~I think Taco Bell has a pretty nifty little scheme going on. EVERY. TIME. I. GO. I am missing one or two items from my order. Every time. I think that they are able to offer tacos for 79 cents because they make up for it by giving you one less item in your order than you paid for. It's a conspiracy I say!

~Today is the last day of school for the kiddos. Which means: I am now the mother of a SECOND-GRADER and a KINDERGARTENER. Oh my goodness! Oh me, oh my! Talk about something being bittersweet. ~I am incredibly impressed with how much my sweet Lydia looks like I did when I was her age. See for yourself and tell me what you think.

Her 2009:

Me 1981:

~Now is that just scary or what? Maybe it has something to do with the hair. Apparently the "mullet" is more than a hairstyle. It's a genetic trademark! :)

~Anyhow, I won't subject you to any more of my ramblings. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Way-fewer Words Wednesday

Apparently Elysa was happy about having ravioli for lunch.
I'm just happy about having these pictures!

:) Happy Wednesday! :)

***Photos courtesy of our amazing babysitter.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Not me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by the beautiful and oh-so-witty MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. That is AFTER you read mine, of course! ;)

This week I have not been fighting non-stop with my stubborn camera. :( As a result I really do not have any good pictures for this week's Not me! Monday post. Really.

BUT WAIT! Who took pictures of her girls at the Pink Palace Museum last week but forgot to post them on the blog? And therefore who has some new pics to include in this week's Not me! Monday post? You guessed it! Not me!

So, welcome to this week's edition of Not me! Monday: Night at the Museum Style!

Last week, Shanda and I did not take our kids to the Pink Palace museum ONLY because we had free tickets. The museum that features dinosaur, bird and solar system exhibits would, in no way, be fun for a handful of children younger than 3 and we certainly would not have bored them to death with that kind of "entertainment"! No, not us!
And who were these hoodlums that thought it was cute to put their children inside the "dinosaur tracks" exhibit? Don't they know there are "Do not touch" signs all over the place? Geez...
And it was not me who put my children inside this bucket (which was a part of another exhibit). I might have snapped the picture, but I promise it was not me teaching these girls that they can just go to a museum and do whatever they wish!
I would never acknowledge that their favorite part of the afternoon was going up and down the escalator over and over and over again.

Or playing in the water fountain!

Nope, not me!

So, what have you not done this week?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flashback Fridays

Waaaaayyy back when: Before there were drawings on the wall, before the nail polish hit the carpet, and before the toilet ever experienced the "flushing of the toothbrushes" there was this innocent little girl:

And I love her even more now, than I did back then!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Way-fewer Words Wednesday

Southern Hospitality (n): a positive stereotype used to portray Southerners as being particularly warm welcoming to visitors of their homes.


By George, I think she's got it! Minus the part where she kept the blanket for herself. ;)

Tuesday's Tribute

Welcome to another edition of "Tuesday's Tribute" : a chance to talk about OTHER people, OTHER blogs, OTHER lives. This blog carnival is hosted by Angie over at Seven Clown Circus. Be sure to visit her site to see the many other "Tuesday's Tributes".

Tuesday's Tribute

This week on "Tuesday's Tribute", I salute you, YOU! That's right. Today, I salute my blog readers and commenters!
You see, I've been having kind of a ho-hum week or two with the blog and I have even been contemplating calling the whole thing quits. Blogging takes time. Lots of time. Well, for me it does. Because I proofread, and re-proofread. Then I worry: Who might I offend with this post? Is this post boring? Did I use all the right words? Do I have mis-spelled words, punctuation errors, or incomplete sentences? What if they don't think I'm funny? What if they think I'm just wierd? Does 'i' come before 'e' in that word? Aaaaahhh!
But then when I post...and YOU comment, it is so rewarding! I think that goes for most bloggers. Surely I'm not the only blogger that feels their work is rewarded when they receive comment feedback. Or am I? Naah...surely not.
So, anyhow. Today, on this Tuesday's Tribute, I salute YOU for taking the time to read my words and for ever-so-kindly leaving me a comment to let me know you stopped by. Please know that YOU make my day a little brighter! :)
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, May 18, 2009

You would never know I wasn't there.

That is if I didn't tell you. But I wasn't. Another field day has come and gone and I wasn't able to make it. But thankfully grandmommy was. And with all these great pictures, you would never have known I wasn't there!
Not to change the subject or anything, but do you remember my tribute to our awesome mother's day gifts? I wonder if this is what happens to all those father's day gifts? Tee hee hee!
Oh, sorry. I'm sure that was only funny to me. I'm easily entertained like that! :)
Anyhow, I'm getting off topic. This post isn't about me or my warped sense of humor or mother's day gifts. It's about Dylan and his field day. So how about a few more pics that were taken by Dylan at his field day. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not me! Monday

Welcome to another edition of Not me! Monday, a blog carnival created by MckMama. If you are not familiar with Not me! Monday or would like to play along you can go here to read a more detailed description of what it is and how to get started.

I am currently not struggling with some "seemingly" major allergy issues at this very moment, so I would not advise you to expect a relatively short Not me! Monday post as a result. I would not let something so silly as a little allergy problem affect my blogging. Nah! Not me!

And I can not imagine why I might be having such problems. I mean after all, I did not spend 4 hours trimming my hedges today. I would never let them get so out of hand that it would take me half of a working day to get my flower beds under control. Not this homeowner!

Because I mean, seriously, image is everything and I would never want to give off the impression that some trashy peeps moved into the house next door. Which is why I have to insist that this was not happening in my front yard this weekend. No way, Jose!
And let's pretend~pretend, I said~that this was my home and that was indeed happening in my front yard, it would only be because a certain Godsey kid decided it would be fun to flush their toothbrush! But I would not tell their name here. That might embarass them and a good mom would not embarass their child on the world wide web! Plus, I'm fairly certain that you all already knew it was Lydia so I would not have needed to tell that tidbit would I? Oops, I did not just let that slip! No, not me!
Hey! Do you think it was wrong of me to let my 17-month-old daughter sit on this stool for something like a half an hour while I took a shower and put up some dishes? Just kidding. I would not have taken advantage of such a pitiful situation where my youngest was terrified that she was "stuck" simply because her tiny feet couldn't reach the ground. No, certainly not me! But I did take a picture...and maybe a shower. But I'll never tell. No, not me!
Happy Monday. Or not! ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Special me! & Another Graduation Story

"Special, Special, Special me!
How I wonder what I'll be.
In this great big world you'll see,
I can be anything I want to be!
Special, Special, Special me!
How I wonder what I'll be!"
~Shining Stars class of 2009
Tonight our second little "Shining Star" graduated from preschool. We are so very proud of Bryan. He did an amazing job at his graduation ceremony and he got the award from "Most Energetic" in his class.
And check out his fan club! What a good looking bunch! And quite possibly the noisiest group in the audience~considering how Lydia thought it was completely acceptable to hold a conversation with her brother who was on stage. :) She, too, was so proud of him!
Bryan we are SO proud of you sweet baby boy! We are so proud of the little man you are becoming and I am so very blessed to be your momma. I love you, sweet pea...from here to the stars!

***Wanna see a comparison shot of Dylan and Bryan in their caps and gowns? Scroll down a couple of posts to last week's Flashback Friday post to see Dylan's Shining Star can-n-gown shot that is very similar to the first pic of Bryan in this post. :)

Flashback Fridays

Tonight, this little boy will be graduating from preschool. That's right: Officially a kindergardener.
And to answer your question: YES, he still sucks his thumb. :) I love that boy!
Love. Him.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back in the limelight

It has been brought to my atention that I have been...well, shall we say...slacking when it comes to the blog and my kiddos. And after some thoughtful reflection, I agree. Between giveaways, Tuesday Tributes, Way fewer words wednesday and not blogging at all, my children and their antics have somehow been pushed aside. Well, tonight, they will return to the forefront of this blog. And, fortunately for you~perhaps unfortunately for us, things have not changed much since my last news report.

Yep. Still acting older and older by the minute! "Mo-o-om! I'm on the phone!"

Errr, yep. Still insists on living in his underwear. Only.

Yep, still the baby. Only now she almost has enough hair for a pony tail!

::Sigh:: Yep, Still Lydia! Did I mention that lipstick was SO last week. We have totally moved onto mascara now!
Stay sweet Bryan graduates tomorrow! Of course, you know I will be covering the story and I will bring you live footage from the ceremony itself. Or maybe just some pictures. Yes, probably just some pictures. But come back nonetheless! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Way-fewer Words Wednesday

Some girls have everything but the kitchen sink. We'd like to think ours have everything AND the kitchen sink! :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Welcome to another edition of "Tuesday's Tribute" : a chance to talk about OTHER people, OTHER blogs, OTHER lives. This blog carnival is hosted by Angie over at Seven Clown Circus. Be sure to visit her site to see the many other "Tuesday's Tributes".

Tuesday's Tribute

This week on "Tuesday's Tribute", I salute you, Mother's Day gifts! Consider this a toast to Mother's Day gifts of past, present and future~may it give all of us moms the chuckle that we so need to carry on from Mother's Day to Mother's Day!

Before I give tribute to one of the funniest blog posts regarding Mother's day gifts, allow me to first share with you one of my own gifts from this Mother's Day:

Nothing says "I love you, mom" more than the "ziplock-bag-filled-with-trash butterfly".

It was just what I was hoping for...or not-so-much. But a sweet gesture nonetheless. Except for the part where I received a note from my son's teacher about 3 weeks ago asking me to send a box of ziplock freezer bags, some clothes pins and a bundle of pipe cleaners to school for their "May craft stations". Mmmm...Hmmm. The gift I've always wanted at a price I could afford. Two thumbs up! Yeah!


Okay, on to the tribute part. As many of you know, I somewhat of a bloggy weakness. Okay, so it's more of a full-blown addiction. I stalk blogs. For hours. Well, last year around Mother's Day-ish I ran across a blog post that had me laughing to the point of tears, because her Mother's Day gift, well, had her in tears. And on this week following Mother's Day, I want to share that post with you in hopes that it might bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

(Keep in mind that I don't really know this blogger, although I think she is a very talented photographer and a wonderfully hilarious writer; and I do still stalk her blog at times. So don't go telling her I sent ya or anything if you decide to leave a comment because she won't have a clue who you are talking about!)

So, without further delay I bring you the honoree of this week's "Tuesday's Tribute". Enjoy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not me! Monday

Well, it's that time again! Time for Not me! Monday, a blog carnival created by MckMama where people all over the world stop hiding their flaws and imperfections. Instead, we embrace those little quirks while still hiding a little bit behind the guise of Not Me!: a sort of therapy, if you will!

If you are not familiar with Not me! Monday or would like to play along you can go here to read a more detailed description of what to do and how to get started.

And having said all that, I now bring you this week's edition of Not me! Monday.

Okay! Where to begin?
This week I did not decide on Monday night's dinner by first letting each family member choose a restaraunt and then narrowing the options one by one using the famous kiddie process of elimination known as "Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish how many pieces do you wish?". That would show lack of preparation and I am never caught unprepared. No, no. Not me!

This did not result in us dining at a very nice restaraunt that is usually reserved for special occasions, and said dinner did not cost me $55 that night.

I did not read the 12-page restaraunt newslatter for said restaraunt as we drove the 20 miles to dinner and completely skip over the section where they announced one of their loyal customers to win a gift certificate. After all, why read a section where other people are always winning? What's the fun in that?

I then did not find myself reading that very section of the newsletter the next day while waiting on Dylan to finish taekwondo practice. And I was NOT one of the winners listed to receive a gift certificate. Seriously? I was just there YESTERDAY! Ugh! I mean, yippee!

I did not pack my kids up that night and go right back to that restaraunt to claim my gift certificate. And I did not spend $10 in gas to get back to the restaraunt to get my $10 gift certificate! That would have defeated the purpose and I would not have done something like that. No, not me!

I do not have the. best. babysitter. in. the. world. Nope, not me! No, I am not going to tell you her name. Because you might try to steal her from me. And then I might have to hurt you. :) But she did not take the cutest pictures of my girls this week while I was at work. And I am not so thankful, because otherwise this would be a rather pictureless post and I like pictures, don't you?
I was not SO proud this week of my dear husband for graduating from college! You know what--YES I WAS!
I did not get a little giddy inside when I realized this week on the ride home from school that I was pressing with so many questions that I actually annoyed my 6-year-old Dylan. I would not be so excited about annoying my son. That would mean he is growing up a little too much and I would not be happy about that. Nope, not me!

I also did not dress my 4-year-old for bed in an outfit I had planned for him to wear to school the next day just so I could sleep in a little longer the next morning. That would be lazy on my part and I am no lazy momma. No, ma'am!

And we did not celebrate Nueve de Mayo with our friends as has become our annual tradition to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on a date other than the Cinco-th. My husband and I did not tell the waitress that it was our friend's birthday when it SO wasn't. And I did not laugh so hard that I nearly wet my pants when they came out with an accordian, some maraccas, and like 12 people singing the Spanish version of Happy Birthday to our friend, who they referred to as "Mamacita!". No, it is not funny to tell little white lies. Even when the outcome is HILARIOUS. I would never set such a bad example in front of my children. No, not me!

So that wraps up what all I have not done this week. Haven't had your fill? Wanna read more insanely funny things that people certainly did not do this week? Click here to read hundreds of other Not me! Monday posts!

Happy Monday to all!