Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not me! Monday

Well, it's that time again! Time for Not me! Monday, a blog carnival created by MckMama where people all over the world stop hiding their flaws and imperfections. Instead, we embrace those little quirks while still hiding a little bit behind the guise of Not Me!: a sort of therapy, if you will!

If you are not familiar with Not me! Monday or would like to play along you can go here to read a more detailed description of what to do and how to get started.

And having said all that, I now bring you this week's edition of Not me! Monday.

Okay! Where to begin?
This week I did not decide on Monday night's dinner by first letting each family member choose a restaraunt and then narrowing the options one by one using the famous kiddie process of elimination known as "Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish how many pieces do you wish?". That would show lack of preparation and I am never caught unprepared. No, no. Not me!

This did not result in us dining at a very nice restaraunt that is usually reserved for special occasions, and said dinner did not cost me $55 that night.

I did not read the 12-page restaraunt newslatter for said restaraunt as we drove the 20 miles to dinner and completely skip over the section where they announced one of their loyal customers to win a gift certificate. After all, why read a section where other people are always winning? What's the fun in that?

I then did not find myself reading that very section of the newsletter the next day while waiting on Dylan to finish taekwondo practice. And I was NOT one of the winners listed to receive a gift certificate. Seriously? I was just there YESTERDAY! Ugh! I mean, yippee!

I did not pack my kids up that night and go right back to that restaraunt to claim my gift certificate. And I did not spend $10 in gas to get back to the restaraunt to get my $10 gift certificate! That would have defeated the purpose and I would not have done something like that. No, not me!

I do not have the. best. babysitter. in. the. world. Nope, not me! No, I am not going to tell you her name. Because you might try to steal her from me. And then I might have to hurt you. :) But she did not take the cutest pictures of my girls this week while I was at work. And I am not so thankful, because otherwise this would be a rather pictureless post and I like pictures, don't you?
I was not SO proud this week of my dear husband for graduating from college! You know what--YES I WAS!
I did not get a little giddy inside when I realized this week on the ride home from school that I was pressing with so many questions that I actually annoyed my 6-year-old Dylan. I would not be so excited about annoying my son. That would mean he is growing up a little too much and I would not be happy about that. Nope, not me!

I also did not dress my 4-year-old for bed in an outfit I had planned for him to wear to school the next day just so I could sleep in a little longer the next morning. That would be lazy on my part and I am no lazy momma. No, ma'am!

And we did not celebrate Nueve de Mayo with our friends as has become our annual tradition to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on a date other than the Cinco-th. My husband and I did not tell the waitress that it was our friend's birthday when it SO wasn't. And I did not laugh so hard that I nearly wet my pants when they came out with an accordian, some maraccas, and like 12 people singing the Spanish version of Happy Birthday to our friend, who they referred to as "Mamacita!". No, it is not funny to tell little white lies. Even when the outcome is HILARIOUS. I would never set such a bad example in front of my children. No, not me!

So that wraps up what all I have not done this week. Haven't had your fill? Wanna read more insanely funny things that people certainly did not do this week? Click here to read hundreds of other Not me! Monday posts!

Happy Monday to all!


*sara* said...

You always crack me up! Thanks for starting my morning off with a smile :)

Love the pigtail picture too! Too cute!

Jeanette "Frogster" said...

Lots of funny stuff! I am just trying to figure out how you only spend $55 at a "nice" restaurant for a big family? Pass along your secrets!

Adelas said...

Sounds like you had an awesome week. Congrats on the big certificate win, by the way, and congrats to your hubster on the graduation!

Upstatemomof3 said...

Hahaha!! My little guy is growing up too fast too. I am both proud and sad about that. :)

Claire said...

Hee, sounds like fun! Loved the school outfit one!


Grandmommy said...

Not me! Out of 11 family members at David's graduation, I was not the only one that let out a yell when he went up for his diploma and then quit when I found out no one else was going to make any noise except clap causing everyone around us to laugh. I'm proud of you, David.

Ashley said...

Awe i love this weeks post of Not Me! Monday. & Maily because you had a part about me! =]

All My Monkeys said...

Funny post. Your cinco-ish de mayo party sounds fun. I probably would NOT have peed my pants, though. I never do that.

All My Monkeys said...

And certainly not after 4 kids. :D

I have a Dillon, too, btw. We have opposite dillons. Yours is oldest, mine youngest, and with different spellings. Definitely a good name.

Nothin but Godsey lovin! said...

YAY we made it into ANOTHER blog by the Godseys! I love it! I still laugh every time I think about our family's night out....I just don't know what we are going to do to top it all off next year!? I also still shake my head every time I think about the sopapilla falling to the table and Kaylie telling me she was sad at me for throwing my food all over the place.... Thank goodness I don't get embarrassed because MAN, that WAS embarassing. People should so want to go out with us ALL the time!
And yes, you do have the BEST babysitter, I agree! Strange how our lives have become so innertwined (is that even a word). We ABSOLUTELY love the Godseys, even when they dress their kids for bed the night before! Good planning though...