Saturday, June 13, 2009

Live StormTeam Coverage

So last night was a bit rough for us here in Memphis. From what I hear we had a tornado touch down nearby and the destruction and damage that is present throughout the city is a very real reminder that what we experienced was no little thunderstorm. Lucky for the Godseysix, we had live minute-by-stinkin'-minute coverage of the storm and what was happening. I felt like I was in good hands. Wouldn't you find comfort in a weather crew that looked like this?

Um, yeah. Okay. The power was out. The local news was unavailable. You take what you get, right?


Anyhow, here is a recap of last night's reports.

Dylan: There's really no need to be scared that the power is out. Jesus is just turning off our electricity so we can know what it was like for him as a kid. He had no electricity, ya know? And the thunder is Jesus walking around and the lightening is his flashlight. So don't be afraid.

Bryan: Un-uh. The thunder is not Jesus walking around. You would have to be a giant to make noise that loud when you walked. Mommy, is Jesus a giant?

Lydia: Are we having a pornado? Is this a pornado?

Dylan: No, Lydia. It's not a pornado. It's called a TORNado, because everything gets torn up when it comes.

Dylan: Mommy, what does the ~ado part mean? I know that it's called torn because everything gets torn up but why does it have ~ado on the end?

Lydia: Mommy (begins crying, then bawling, then panicking) where's daddy? I don't want him to get wet. I don't want him to get wet!!

Bryan: AHHH!

Dylan: AHHH!

Lydia: AHHH!

Elysa: Confused out of her mind, but giggling at the madness.

Me: ::pullshairout:: ::putsweathercrewtobed:: ::takesnightoffwork::

So that wraps up your Live StormTeam Coverage from the Godseysix. From Tales from the GodseySix... I'm Momma G. Goodnight!


Amanda said...

ROFL!!! I love it when they just start talking crazy. So what does "ado" mean? Such a cute post. I'm glad you all made it through safely. Hugs to you all.

*sara* said...

Glad you're all safe. I can't imagine you were laughing when it happened, but they are just so darn cute I can't help but giggle at them.

Fellow closet dweller said...

Wow! I love it, and I'm sure that was not the only hilarity (yes, I make up my own words) of the night! What great weather forecasters you had, who needed the news? Glad the ado didn't torn through your neighborhood.

Springer family said...

aww, that is cute! We were out of town when it came through. I know it had to have been scary! Glad you were safe!

Eva Nichole said...

ROFLMBO!! Sorry that made me giggle!! Your kids are just to stinken cute.
Crystal and Eva