Monday, June 29, 2009

My Apologies...

I have been the very worst internet friend over the past few days, or so. I have hardly kept up with my blog, I have kept up with your blogs even less, and if you have emailed me or facebooked me or twittered me or rolled my house with toilet paper or left me a comment here, please forgive me for not getting back with you sooner. I've just been that busy!
Here's a little snippet of what's been going on since I last posted:
Lydia turned 3!
Bryan turned "the real 5"! (Not to be confused with the counterfeit 5).
We had a big birthday party!

We have new toys!

And a new playground thanks to my favorite guys!

We visited pink palace and Childrens Museum.

And celebrated Kaylie's birthday, too.

Oh, yeah. And our brand new house fell apart.

But more on that later. In the meantime, please enjoy these birthday celebration pics! (Photos courtesy of my dear friend Amanda) Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet Bryan and Lydia! I love you so both so very much. From here to the stars!!!


Grandmommy said...

It was such a busy weekend but so much fun. I enjoyed spending Friday with the kids while the men were constructing the playground. Birthday (3) for Lydia and (5) for Bryan will be hard to top.

Sara said...

Looks like you're having a fun summer with the kiddos! Good for you! :)

Amanda said...

Well, I think that you can be excused from falling behind on your blogging...I mean look at all you have had to do! Now you have to explain about your house. What happened??? Plus, as usual your children are some of the cutest in the world. You can tell that they have had a blast this week.

Eva Nichole said...

Wow busy busy busy family you are!!
Have a safe and wonderful weekend.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great, I feel like I was there. I am so sorry I could not make it, but it was one of those days when everything went wrong. (I'm sure you've had some of those). The kids are really growing up you have no babies any longer.

Busy busy and some more busy said...

Yay! We made it into the blog again! You know I am behind on my commenting too, I do look at your blog like everyday I just don't take the time to comment on it when I do. :)
You are one of the busiest families I know, you guys are always doing something! I just don't see how you do it and pay off those bills too! I'm impressed! Your kids are going to be SO grateful to you and David for as much as you do for them. When are we coming over to play on the new playground, complete with mulch and all? LUCKY LUCKY!

Anonymous said...

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