Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm a big girl now!

This morning:

Lydia: Mommy, can I have cinnamon rolls (pecan spins) for breakfast today?
Me: You like those, don't you?
Lydia: Yes!
Me: Mommy used to like those when she was little too.
Lydia: But you're not little anymore.
Me: No, mommy's big now.
Lydia: Yes. You're a big girl. Because you wear panties. Like me!

What? You weren't expecting a picture of me in my "big girl panties" were you? :)


Sara said...

LOL No, I wasn't expecting one of you, but I was expecting one of her! Super cute picture though!!

The other mommy said...

They just say the funniest things! Seriously, I didn't know you had graduated to the big girl panties....way to go Momma G!!! I'm so proud!

Eva Nichole said...

Very cute!!!

♥Kim said...

lol, too cute! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great picture, she is really becoming a big girl. She'll be in school before you know it.