Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You tired of looking at Elysa's bum yet?

Well if you are then this blog post is for you! I've been a little lazy about the blog. No excuses, just lazy. But here for your reading pleasure is a new post, which, thankfully, steers way clear of any of my children's backsides. :)

It's another dental checkup!!!

A first for Lydia, so we let her watch Dylan go first.Then we let her watch as Bryan had his cleaning.Meanwhile, Elysa made herself right at home in the treasure chest.Then it was Lydia's turn. And wouldn't you know that Miss Priss insisted...On cleaning her own teeth!Which doesn't surprise me one bit.


Grandmommy said...

Although I loved the but picture, it was time for an update. Did you get a discount since she cleaned her own teeth? Maybe a future career for her.

♥Kim said...

Adorable! She's a big girl mommy! ;)

Amanda said...

I was worried about you guys. Glad to see that everyone is ok and has clean teeth :-) Though Elysa has a darling behind, I am glad to see her dressed properly when out in public. And I am so with Lydia, I think I can clean my own teeth without help. I always feel like I am going to gag laying down while they do that ughhh. Many belated hugs to you all.

Anonymous said...

How smart of you to let Lydia watch so she'd know what to expect. I guess the Dr. didn't know what to expect from her.


Eva Nichole said...

AAWW 1st dentist visits have gone well here so far, Eva is alittle harder then the boys and I hate having to hold her down.
Elysa looks like she got her prize and your keys and she is out of here...LOL!