Friday, August 7, 2009

He takes after his uncle

When I was younger, my brother was always losing teeth. Or pulling them out if they weren't ready and he 'needed' an extra buck. While our sweet Bryan reminds me the most of a much younger version of my brother, Dylan lately has proven that he too has a few things in common with Uncle T.

Like the whole expertise in tooth extraction. You might remember this post. Well, here we are a whopping 6 weeks later and Dylan has pulled yet another tooth.And the tooth fairy had to make another emergency trip to the "bank". She left him $2 for this tooth and an interesting little note on the envelope.Hmmmm. Maybe that will help. Perhaps next time she can check out the bathroom and leave a little note asking the boys to "please not suction their tooth brushes to the mirror".


Future cheap tooth fairy said...

WONDERFUL!! Always looking or a way to make boy!

Grandmommy said...

Better suctioned on the mirror than stuck in the toilet.