Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life: In 2 inch details.

Life is really
so short.
Short like Elysa
who is about
2 inches shy
of causing trouble
of her own.

But short nonetheless.
This weekend
we celebrated
my best friend's
firstborn son's birthday.
He is 5.
And at his party
I realized
just how much
free time
I had on my hands.
Mainly because
my youngest daughter
entertained herself.
For the most part.
She was only about
2 inches short
of complete independence.

And it was all
so sweet
as I was
able to mingle
with my friends
at the same time.
But still
I realized
that I am about
2 inches away
from closing
another chapter
in my life book.

Before long
those little feet
will be
touching the floor
in the cafeteria
of some school.
And all
of my babies
will be just
2 inches closer
to total
And I honestly
don't know
I will handle


Jean Stockdale said...

What a darling post. I love it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. We are enjoying the grands so much! They are both so fun and entertaining too. We are so proud of their mom and dad=it is such a blessing to watch our boys parent their boys. So kind of the Lord.

We just got our PODCASTS up yesterday. We have the first 4 of the Philippian study. It has been harder than we thought, so it will take a few more days to get the rest up, but you might be interested in checking it out from the blog. Blessings.

Grandmommy said...

Where was Lydia in the feet picture? Love it! Elysa is growing up so quick. You know you're there when you have a diaper-free house.

Anonymous said...

Elysa is really growing up, those
2 inches will be here too quickly. Great pictures.

2 inches is 2 close said...

How absolutely adorable!

I LOVE YOU said...