Sunday, August 9, 2009

'Twas the Night before Kindergarten

'Twas the night before kindergarten
and all through the house,
Everyone was excited.
Even my spouse!The kids outfits lay neatly
on their dresser with care,
To make sure that both boys
Had nice clothes to wear.
It was by the back door
where their new backpacks lay.
Could it be that tomorrow
really was the big day?
As excited as he was,
Bryan almost shed a tear.
And we prayed with our baby
For Jesus to be near.
Then he relaxed and gave us
That smile we all know.
And we left him to rest
For tomorrow's big show!
Big Brother was there;
He was all excited too.
Because tomorrow is his first day
In grade TWO!
So now I'm about done
I've nothing more to say
Come back tomorrow
To read about their first day!!


Grandmommy said...

What a great story. I have already said a prayer this morning for Dylan & Bryan (Mom & Dad, too). Can't wait to hear about their 1st day.

Eva Nichole said...

VERY SWEET!! I hope everyones 1st day goes well. We still have a couple of weeks left.
Crystal and Eva

Sara said...

How cute! I hope they have a great first day! It always surprises me how early they start down there. The kids up here don't go back until after labor day.

Anonymous said...

Hope Monday goes great for the boys. There's something magical about the first day at school, it sets the stage for the whole year.

♥Kim said...

I loved your cute story!!! :) Hope they had a good day, I'll check the post after this, right now! :)

Kaylie and Elon's mommy S said...

Wow! I love that story! Did you come up with that? You should see about sendin it in to get published or something! So creative! How they had a great first day! Yay for 1 less daycare bill!!!!!!

Amanda said...

How sweet! You are very creative and brave! Hope I can be the same next week when Sam starts back.