Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hats off!

to bloggers everywhere that can keep up with their blogs! I wish I was still one of them. Because my kiddos are still doing waaayyyy cute things. Like celebrating "h is for hat" day at school.

And growing up right before my very eyes!


Amanda said...

YAAAYYYYY Your back !!!!! I have missed seeing what has been going on. I have lagged quite a bit myself. And where did you get the hat?? Also, be glad yours will wear a hat for you to take a picture in and smile while doing so.

Sara said...

too cute! i've been missing in action quite a bit myself lately. just visited your blog yesterday and wondered how you've been.

LOVE YOU! said...

Yayayayayay! I've missed you oh so much! Glad to see Lydia's smiling face!

Grandmommy said...

She is definitely growing up quick. The hat just matches her personality. I bet she had the best hat there.

Anonymous said...

Been missing you for a month now, but it was worth waiting for. Don't know where you got Lydia's hat but it sure is cute, just fits her.