Thursday, December 31, 2009

And that's a wrap!

2009 has come and gone and seemingly faster than any other year so far. I thought it might be fun to ask the kids what their thoughts were on the New Year coming in and this is what they had to say:

Me: Lydia, did you know that tonight is a special night?
Lydia: :nods head yes:
Me: Why do you think tonight is special?
Lydia: Because I think it's Christmas!
Me: Do you know what year it is?
Lydia: Ummmm....grandmommy's year!
Me: Do you want to make any plans for this new year?
Lydia: Ummm...ummm, I want to play like I'm at school.

Me: Bryan, what is special about tonight?
Bryan: That it's happy new year.
Me: What does that mean?
Bryan: That means we get to celebrate and I get to kiss you tonight.
Me: Do you know what year it is going to be?
Bryan: Happy New Year.
Me: Do you want to make any big plans for 2010?
Bryan: Ummm...Can we go to Disney?
Me: We will. Is there anything else you want to do this new year?
Bryan: Play at Disney.

Me: Do you know that tonight is the last night of 2009?
Elysa: I'nna go potty.
Me: Okay, dear, but can you first tell me what you want to do in 2010?
Elysa: I stink-it. (stinky)
Looks like 2010, just like every other year since 2004, will be another potty-training year for us. Crossing our fingers that it will be our last year that "stinks"! Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He Came...

He dropped it off...and he left. What's up with that???

Santa came Christmas Eve night, and he did not come empty handed, so we know the kids must have been on the "nice" list. But he left all these goodies in the garage for mommy, daddy, and Uncle Thomas to put together in mere hours before the kids got up, which leads me to believe we somehow wound up on the "naughty" list. Hmmm...

So, needless to say Santa's "elves" were up for a majority of the night assembling these toys for the kiddos. And making oh-so-fun memories all at the same time!

It just doesn't get any better than this!

And all you got was one lousy blog entry.

Pssst. You. Yes, you. It's me. Remember me? I'm the author of this trainwreck of a blog. I realize that it's been...well...35 days to be exact since I last posted. And I realize that during this entire season all I gave you was one lousy blog entry. And I know I've been pitiful~with a capital P~when it comes to leaving some bloggy comments to some of my favorite bloggers (you know who you are).

But that doesn't mean that I don't love you anymore. I've been visiting, and reading, but just have not had the time to sit long enough to read AND comment. Let alone update my own blog.

But the time has come, fellow bloggeranianites. (Well, I hope the time has come.) As the holidays wind down, I am determined to catch up with everyone's blogs, comment to let you all know that I've been by, thank you for stopping by to see the tumbleweed roll across my own blog, and ::gasp:: perhaps even update this blog once a week or so! What?!?! I know, I know. I can barely contain my own excitement.

So, to start off, here are a few pictures of yours truly with the stars of the blog. Pictures, by the way, that my dear hubby took with my BRAND NEW CAMERA! :) Hope you enjoy!