Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Great Dusting of 2010

Just a quick reminder: For my wonderful bloggy readers from up north (or anywhere north of Memphis), try not to laugh too hard. We Memphians tend to over-react a little when it comes to any weather condition other than sunny and mild. Thank you and please enjoy the post. :)

So, here we go:

It was madness. Sheer chaos. Uncontrollable pandemonium. In the past couple of days local grocery stores have sold out of bread, space heaters have been flying off the shelves, city workers have salted all the roads, and gas stations have been lined with frantic drivers waiting to fill their tanks in preparation of the ultimate blizzard. A blizzard so bad that we were sure to be off from school and work for days. So scary, in fact, that the city itself has toyed with the idea of opening the convention center as a housing facility for those in need.

And then it happened. Today, we experienced in Memphis "The Great Dusting of 2010".

And the schools did close.

For this:Yes, my friends. A blizzard like no other. Only there were no snow angels. And no snowmen. And no need for road salt. Or the stockpiling of bread.But it gave me a reason to take some pics of the kids.And write a new post.And sleep in late. :) And to sleeping in late, I say Let it Dust! Let it Dust! Let it Dust!


Grandmommy said...

Great pictures. Maybe you can put some of the dust in the freezer and take it out later for them to play with.

Crystal M. said...

WOW!! I am so glad we did not get that huge storm....LOL!! It makes our 7-9 inches look like nothing...LOL!
Glad you were able to get outside tho and enjoy it.
Crystal and Eva

Sara said...

Oh. Dear. Lord! Thanks for the laugh to start my morning!

Let it Dust! Let it Dust! Let it Dust! said...

The best DUSTING that I have ever been a part of!