Friday, January 15, 2010

I understand that this is not a photo blog.

But I really can't help it just this one time. I have some cute (or at least I think they're cute) pictures of our sweet Bryan at his first ever Basketball game. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the game as I had to work. But David took a modest 101 pictures, each with a cute story that I couldn't even begin to share, because, oh yeah, I was not there. :/ So, knowing absolutely nothing about the game I will not even attempt to bore you with facts and commentary~oh, wait! I just did. But just imagine that you did not just read an entire post about nothing and we should all be good to go, eh? Good! And we're off:


Crystal M. said...

Very cute!! I love when they are that little and just love to play, its not all about winning and losing just having fun. I wish EVERYONE felt that way.
Crystal and Eva

Grandmommy said...

Bryan did so good and kept us entertained. Great game, Bryan.

Amanda said...

He is definitely a cutie. And it appears that he takes after his talented mother. Would love to have heard the stories that went with them.

I'm BAAAAAck to comment! said...

Those are the most adorable pictures! He is such a cute big one. And this blog is whatever you want to make it! I enjoy your blog with whatever you want to post, I love your writing and your fantastic ability of taking pictures of your gorgeous kids. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures!! I'm so glad to see your blog up and running again. it keeps me informed on what's going on with you all. Bryan looks like you had a great game.