Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not me! Monday

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Bloggers and blogettes! It's Monday and I'm ready to roll...Not me! Monday is back and I'm in full swing. For those who may not be familiar (since I have been on somewhat of a bloggy hiatus for the past few months), Not me! Monday is a blog carnival created and hosted by MckMama, where fellow bloggers from computers around the world deny doing things that they did during the week. A sort of confession-type therapy, only we're not really confessing are we? Well you might be, but I'm not.

This week we got a little ice here in Memphis, yes we did. But we rarely get weather like this so I am not going to spend all kinds of money on snow toys that will not get their money's worth in use.

But I did take the kids out to play for a few minutes in the slippery mess. Yes, I did.

What I did not do was condone the use of the kids' toy box as a sled on the icy and very steep driveway we have.

That would be dangerous and very irresponsible and very much not something I would do. Not me!
And if, by chance, I did do something that risky with my children, which (bytheway) I would never do, I would certainly not put my two babies in the tub and then send them down the hill. No me!And I don't know what kind of momma would slide to the bottom of the drive to take pictures of her helpless children as they sailed out of control down the slippery slope. But it wasn't this momma!

It may not have been this momma that was nudging those babies down the hill, but after this great shot I can't deny that it was their daddy! No, not me!
And I did not smile with delight when I saw him not only encouraging their dangerous stunts, but join in with them! :sigh: Boys!
I did not think it looked so fun that I decided to join in the fun myself.
And I would never admit that I was too heavy for the dang bucket to move so I had to stage this here action shot! I am a petite little 110 pounds and would never weigh so much that I couldn't get a tupperware bucket to slide on some ice. Nope, not me!
So, what about you? Leave me a comment so I can visit your blog and read all about what all you did not do this week! Happy Monday to all!


Mom 2 Many said...

Just an fwiw, when my teens were little and we were in an apartment (no room for sleds), we had them in the big metal mixing bowls for sleds. *grin* Cardboard also works well for awhile - until it gets wet and falls apart. Enjoy your snow!

Grandmommy said...

Wish I had been there to see it. I'm sure you gave the neighbors a show. You should have emptied the clothes basket and had a race. You could have taken bets. Clothes basket vs. toy box. Great memories.

Suzi said...

Oh and it did not look like you are the children, or your husband had a great time either. Shame on you for making all of them do such a dangerous thing just for the sake of taking pictures! Hehe...Happy Monday!

Crystal M. said...

Oh I am so glad you are not like that...LOL! Looks like fun and why pay for stuff you never know when you will use again.
Crystal and Eva

Suzi said...

Ok, for starters...thank you! But I must say, I cheated, I got the layout from cutest blog on the block and probably accidentally deleted it numerous times before I got everything where it is now. I am afraid to mess with it anymore! I recently redid my header with newer pictures of the kiddos and held my breath the entire time! Haha. Oh, and let me clarify the going out with the hubby thing, I do not want to mislead you in any way...those 2 times in the last month were probably the ONLY 2 times in quite some time. I was thinking about that earlier, lets see, both of our birthdays are in April, along with one of the kiddos so I know we went out to dinner ONCE for a combined birthday dinner without kids and our anniversary is in October so I am pretty sure we went out to dinner around there sometime, maybe. Other than those 2 times I do not remember another evening out last year! YIKES! Haha. Maybe I am not the one to take lessons from, unless this year is going to be my year! A girl can dream, right? My mom is the only one that ever keeps the kids so I feel bad asking her. We are just always with them and I hate leaving them, most of the time anyway. When we are gone we end up texting the kids or my my to check on them and talking about them the whole night. Your kids are just precious and I think you are right, there are a lot of similarities. That is great, I found a new bloggy friend! Yay!

Irfan Mahmood said...

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