Monday, February 22, 2010

Not me! Monday

I've been a little short on the blogging front, but it's Monday, and anyone who knows me (in bloggy life) knows I'm good for at least one post a week. On Mondays. Becuase while I may find it easy to share what I did do this week, it is wayyy easier for me to just blog about what I did not do this week.

And without further adieu, I bring you this week's edition of

This week, on Tuesday, my husband and I took our sweet little family out to eat at a local steakhouse. Kids eat for $4 on Tuesday nights, so it was about as cheap as a car-full of happy meals would have been, but it tasted way better and it got us out of the house.

We enjoyed our night out. The kids behaved. Our steaks were delicious. There was no dishes to do and no messes to clean. It was a nice delightful evening.

Typically when we go out to dinner, I sit with Elysa, our youngest, next to me at the table, but on this night in particular, my dear hubby decided to take both girls on his side of the booth-a very nice change of pace for me.

Everything went well as far as our seating arrangements went, but at the end of our meal, while David and I were talking and the kids were talking and giggling with one another I looked over to see our 2-year-old slide out of her booster seat and grab ahold of the table in front of her to keep from falling to the floor. I know my husband saw the look of terror on my face because he immediately turned to aid our falling daughter.

I watched as my husband tried to pull her back into her seat and, feeling helpless, I peaked under the table to make sure she was okay.


I did not laugh so hard that tears came to my eyes

as I peaked under the table

and made eye contact with my terrified daughter

who was swinging from the table

like a gymnast on the uneven bars,

with eyes as wide as saucers.

and knuckles as white as snow from clenching the table with all her might

as she ever-so-calmly said to me, "It's okay, mommy! I'm okay!"

I don't know who all those other diners were flashing those looks of disgust at. I was not the momma laughing at my infant child as she swung helplessly from the table to keep from falling. No, not me!


Amanda said...

I would have been laughing hard myself, especially once I saw that she was ok. How nice to have dinner out for a change! I bet everyone was just thinking what a great looking family you have.

Crystal M. said...

Knowing she was ok I would be laughing too!!

Grandmommy said...

I think it's great that once she realized she was ok, she tried to comfort you and "What do you do", laugh. Shame on you! LOL

Decided to stop by....finally.... said...

Hahahaha! You may have killed her dreams of being a gymnast now, way to go mom! How wonderful to have a husband that thoughtful too, way to go David, score a point for him. I'm sure you didn't really know what to talk about with the kids actually entertaining themselves.