Monday, February 8, 2010

The Story of my Life. For now.

Saturday I was able to use some of my ever-so-tricky ways to convince the kids that it would be so fun to help me clean the house. For the most part, it worked.

These 3 did a magnificent job of cleaning up the play room
while this little munchkin kept herself occupied.
Two steps forward and two steps back.
Ahhh, the story of my life.
For now, anyway.But that's okay. I kinda like the story so far. :)


Crystal M. said...

She's gotta keep mama on her toes...LOL!!
Crystal and Eva

Grandmommy said...

You can't blame Elysa. The toys were picked up. The play room looks great! You should add a roll to her birthday list.

Anonymous said...

Three out of Four helpers isn't bad. The playroom looks great (how does it look today?). The roll of T.P. makes a great cheap toy not to memtion the great pictues.


Amanda said...

Elysa is only following in her mother's footsteps, thinking that the bathroom is a great place to have fun. Just wait for her to have her friend over, causing all kinds of turmoil in the bathroom while cutting hair and other unmentionables :-)

Suzi said...

I have a toilet paper bandit at my house too. Thanks for stopping by to check on us. We are finally recooperating a bit. Still coughing our heads off and still stuck in the house. Ugg. I hate that. I am tired...hehe. Love the snow pictures, I would love to wake up to that one morning. Once I got over the shock, I think we would love it! Enjoy!