Friday, March 5, 2010


Bryan finished his basketball season tonight with the league's annual "Fun Night". I love "Fun Night"! There are snacks for the kids, balloons everywhere, and inflatables for the kids to jump on.

They have music playing over the speakers while the kids warm up and they start the game by observing the National Anthem.
They have an announcer during the game and a grand introduction of all the players before the game starts.

And when the game is over, they have a reception area where the teams go for a small "banquet" and the kids get their trophies

and the mommies get their pics of the kids with their trophies....
...before the kids chunk their trophies across the parking lot as they leave to "see if it will roll".

Or maybe that was just my child.

What can I say? I learn a lot from my Bryan that most parents never learn from their kids. And now I can add to my bank of senseless trivia that trophies DO NOT roll. But they ARE more durable than they appear to the untrained eye! =)
To my Bryan ~ Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you! You did a great job this season and it has been a joy to watch you play! You are an absolute sweetheart and we love you so very much...from here to the stars!


Grandpa and Grandmommy said...

Good job, Bryan. You are starting a great trophy collection. We are so proud of you!

Crystal M. said...

AWESOME!! Way to go Bryan!! I know my boys are so proud when they win trophies.