Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Good Laugh and a Guessing Game!

Boy, are we on a roll with Bryan's take home folder lately. This next piece is a one-of-a-kind original from the one and only "Bubba G". I spent nearly a quarter of an hour trying to translate this one before I had to give up and ask for our sweet son to clear it all up. And man was I all out in left field with my guesses. I bet I'm not the only one, though. Let's hear your guesses. What do you think the sentence says? Please! Use the picture as a guide to help you on this assignment.

IF (and that's a big 'if') you can correctly guess the sentence by leaving your translation in the comment section, I will post a link to your blog in my next post so that all 6 of my readers can visit your blog. Hey~I go for quality over quantity when it comes to my bloggy readers. I HEART my readers. They are the 6 greatest readers in the world! This is a huge prize! :)

Okay friends, so it's all in fun. Just post what you think the sentence says (so we can all get a good hearty chuckle) and enjoy reading the other guesses. I am almost positive you won't guess what it is, so dont be afraid to post a wrong guess. It's just for fun, remember! :) I'll post Bryan's translation soon!

***a hint to confuse you even more help you guess: Bryan sometimes gets his letters backwards. p's can look like q's, d's like b's. Oh, and sometimes he can get them upside down. p can mean b, etc. etc.


Crystal M. said...

Ok I am working on it and I think I have it all but 2 words....LOL!
The dude had a dream of a sandwich?

Ok I might be wrong but thats my guess, Bailey use to write like that too, it was so cute how they try to sound things out.

btom29 said...

Does it say: The dude had a germ and was so sick?

Amanda said...

LOL!!! I'm going with, "The Dude had a grim view, so sick."

Botanist said...

Oh! This brings back a few memories!

My guess was pretty close to Crystal M's: "The dude had a dream of sausage."

Probably not even close, but it gave me a laugh. Thanks.

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Cae said...

The dude had a germ, so sick.

Anonymous said...

Blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment with my identity so I'm posting anonymous...

The bug had a dream of SAUSAGE?

Jennifer Jenkins

Heidi said...

The puppy had a dream of sausage???

mykidzmom said...

The puppy had a dream of a sausage?

mykidzmom said...

AH! I didn't see Heidi's post before I had posted the sausage dream. Honestly Heidi, I didn't scam your idea! Great minds think alike.

Priya said...

the dude had a germ so big

sorry to be a creeper but it came up when i was looking at blogs
hope you dont mind

san ling said...

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t. said...

(drum roll please!)

The puppy had a dream of sausage!


Green Tea said...


Sending you my love,...wishing you peace.

A Mommy's Joy said...

i just joined your blog. it's adorable! isn't it funny the way kids write things and leave us to try and figure them out?? lol!

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