Monday, March 22, 2010

Of Bees and Hives

Never say never. It's true! Because you never know what you will never do. I have learned that as a mom I say lots of things that I told my parents I'd never say "when I grow up".

Like this one: If you don't stop that crying, I'm going to give you a reason to cry! That was probably my least favorite parent-ism one when I was a kid.

Followed closely by this one: If you two don't cut it out, I'm going to tell your father when he gets home wakes up.

But it's the things that I never even thought I would say that surprise me the most. The things that I could never dream of that, in retrospect, make my heart smile. Like these:
"Oh, I'm sorry, I've got to get off the phone. The girls are throwing cans of ravioli at each other."
"No, baby. I don't think your doll wants to eat her diaper."
"It's just not nice. You wouldn't want someone peeking over the stall while you were taking care of your business would you?"

And perhaps the oddest parent-ism to date, and strangely enough, it happens to be the one I say the most often.

"Bryan, if you come home one more time and tell me that your bees did not stay in their hive, there will be no Gameboy for 2 weeks!"

You see, Bryan is in Mrs. B's Busy Bees class at school. And if you misbehave, rather than moving a conduct clip, or pulling a color-coded card, Bryan's class has to move a bee from the hive each time they are reprimanded in class. Bryan's bees are constantly buzzing all over the place. So much so that we have had some pretty interesting notes sent home, some of them all-but-begging for help, for us to help get Bryan's conduct under control. And up until now, it has been really hard for us to understand why our sweet soft-spoken little Bryan has been having so much trouble behaving at school. I say *up until now* because yesterday he brought home something that could explain everything. Instructions: "Draw a picture of yourself at school." Apparently our precious baby boy transforms completely once he gets to school! At least he keeps his precious green eyes! :o)


Grandmommy said...

He does seem to have a lot going on with his mouth which explains the bee problem! LOL! I think Bryan is going to be the artistic one. LOL!!!

Amanda said...

I love his picture. As a former teacher, I would have fallen out of my seat laughing if a student had turned this in. If nothing else, he is very honest. I like the beehive for conduct. Poor Sam just has cards. It seems to me that it would be a lot more fun to have your bees fly off around the classroom. Maybe Bryan is feeling sorry for the bees since they are always stuck in the hive. He's just trying to give them some adventure in an otherwise monotonous life.

Crystal M. said...

LOL!! It is amazing the things we say now that we have kids. I also love how Bryan has 2 mouths, I guess he talks a lot...LOL! OR he needs one for talking and one for eatting??

Anonymous said...

Apparently Bryan has a lot to say, his drawing is great.

Lindsay, they say what goes around comes around. You may find yourself quoting your Mom more often.


Cioara Andrei said...

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