Friday, March 19, 2010

~The runs~

Today was too pretty of a day to just go for a walk in the park.
It was more suitable for, say, a jog in the park.
Or a race in the park.
Or maybe it was just the perfect day for some fun 'running' pictures.

Thankfully, my kids thought so too.

Because they ran forever

while I just snapped away with my camera.

I don't think all the running bothered them one bit.
Of course, we did do other things at the park. Like picnic,
throw frisbee,
and take group pictures. But of all the things we did at the park today, I think it was "the runs" that they liked the best! :0)


Leah said...

Missed your posts, bloggin' buddy! Love the running pictures! Those are classics you are sure to love years down the road. Hope you guys had an awesome spring break.

Crystal M. said...

So sweet!! Looks like our week but now we have snow again!! WHAT IS UP WITH THE WEATHER!! DRIVING ME NUTS!!

Darlene said...

these are ADORABLE!!!! love your photos (GREAT SHOTS!!!) and the captions! :)

Grandmommy said...

What a fun day! That's the kind of picnic I like (chick-fil-a). They are growing up so quick.

Amanda said...

Beautiful kids plus beautiful day equals one very blessed family. I love seeing all them together and thinking back to how excited I was each time you were pregnant with them. Time is going by so fast my friend. Keep snapping those pictures.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've been gone so long.
Wonderful pictures.
Wonderful weather.
Wonderful picnic.
Looks like a GREAT DAY!


Christi said...

I miss when my kids were little. :( Those are awesome pictures!!