Wednesday, March 10, 2010

T-minus-74-days and counting

Oh, yeah. The count down is SO on! By the time Disney gets here you will want us to go more than I will want us to go, just so you don't have to hear any more count downs. :) But since we have less than 3 months until the trip, I will be very busy with a lot of thing that probably won't include regular-basis blogging. I just have too many other things to get together. Like shoes-we all need good walking shoes. And summer clothes. And a stroller. Luggage. A tan. Some snacks. Swimsuits for all. Oh, and I've seriously got to get to work on my body if I plan on wearing a swimsuit...because as it stands, I have some very serious competition in the house regarding who is gonna look the hottest in their swim suit.
She's even hired a personal trainer.
Sure, he may only get paid with kisses but it appears he agreed to the terms, no?

So now I must go; I've got to hire a personal trainer of my own and I think I have just the person for the job:
**The story of my "trainer's" dash for the gold coming up soon on Tales From the Godseysix.


Crystal M. said...

I have been excited for you since the day you told us you were going!! I am going to live through you this year and you can live through me next year...LOL!
Make lists, lots and lots of lists!! So you do not forget anything.
Crystal and Eva

Amanda said...

Oh how I can't wait for you to o and then to see the pictures and read the stories on the blog. I am so proud of Elysa and Dylan. Earning gold and working out at such young ages is amazing.

Suzi said...

Omigosh! When are you going? We leave on May 19th! Have you ever been? I need details girl. If you have never been or need help planning, I am your go to gal. Promise! I am always getting right up in my friends business when they are planning their trips. It stresses me out when someone else goes about as bad as it stresses me when WE go! Haha. But I love it. So...come on...share!!! :) Last year I actually got to meet one of my bloggy friends while we were there, we met up for breakfast. It was neat.