Sunday, April 18, 2010

Four days and Two WEEKS ago...

I asked you to formulate a translation for my sweet 5-year-old's drawing that I posted here. And you did!! And then I went MIA from Bloggerville for a teensy-weensy bit entirely too long. But I'm back!

There were some very good guesses! I was really impressed. And according to Bryan, and his translation, there were a few correct guesses! Can you believe that?! Did I mention how impressed I am with the guesses?!

So, holding true to my word, I said that if there was a correct guesser, I would post a link in my next blog post so that my bloggy buddies could swing by and visit the blog.

The first person to correctly guess my Bryan's translation was:

Heidi from Purrfect Change!

Heidi correctly translated the sentence as "The puppy had a dream of sausage."

Congratulations Heidi! And thanks to everyone for playing along!!

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Amanda said...

He really is a creative little guy. I am impressed with his dog dreaming of sausage. Too cute.